The Final: Celebrity Big Brother Betting Tips & Preview
Clary looks solid @ 8/15 but Situation value outsider @ 16/1

Julian Clary

Julian Clary is a worthy CBB favourite with bookies. Latest Odds.

There has been love, war and tears aplenty in the Celebrity Big Brother but who is going to triumph in the Big Brother house?

The gloriously gay comedian, Julian Clary has been one of the favourites in the Celebrity Big Brother winner betting from the moment he entered the house. He does not just deserve to win but merits decoration from the Queen after all he has been through.

He has borne the brunt of the caring ‘Nana’ turned nightmare diva, Julie Goodyear, aka Bet Lynch. He gallantly tried to defend her appalling behaviour after she was up for nomination in the semi-final. He even allowed her to share his bed without complaint, only mentioning that she ‘reeked’ of ‘whatever perfume it is that she wears’.

He did not even complain when she refused to let him borrow her lighter after an emergency consignment of cigarettes was delivered to the house. He was the only man standing between Julie and the rest of the house and diffused potentially explosive situations of her making and prevented outright war.

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In the second round of nominations, Julian was the least popular person with housemates, attracting five nominations. He was shaken to find himself up for the public vote with four other inmates. Fortunately he found himself in the most popular pair with voters alongside US reality TV star, Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino.

His popularity with the public has not been properly tested since, but the results of a poll of 100 viewers in the Big Brother TV task were encouraging. He was voted the most entertaining housemate, receiving 29% of the vote. He was also voted the funniest housemate with 50%. As a professional comedian it would have been a worry if he had been beaten on that one.

Martin Kemp, bass player for Spandau Ballet and former Eastender, has looked to be Julian’s closest competition to win Celebrity Big Brother for some time but, as with his first career, he has mostly provided just background noise. Martin was puzzled to find himself up for eviction in the semi-final. He wondered if he had said something that caused offence.  His nomination had more to do with his general lack of communication rather than anything he had voiced.

If he has had any banter with housemates it did not survive the edit. The only conversations shown to viewers were those with pseudo-Italian Prince Lorenzo who was evicted in the final round. Fortunately they were very few.  Julian described the Prince as the epitome of dullness. Martin is only a short head behind him in the Totally Boring Stakes. Subjects of conversation included the virtues of flying first class rather than travelling in private jets and the gold disc award mounted on the wall in Martin’s downstairs toilet. The Prince asked if it would work on a record player . . yawn.  I think you get the idea.

Martin is apparently a massive Big Brother fan and went into the house with a game plan and the intention of winning. It evidently involved keeping fairly quiet, being nice to everyone and avoiding all forms of controversy. Aesthetically-challenged journalist Samantha Brick (whose game plan was not dissimilar) commented that the most exciting thing he ever did was to get a sun tan.

He occasionally went in the Diary Room to express something approaching an opinion but it was all so well wrapped in politeness that not much opinion came across. Some viewers admitted to trying to work out if his incredibly blue eyes were natural or the result of coloured contact lenses. It was a much more rewarding occupation than actually listening to him.

Whenever the sun is shining he can usually be spotted in the background sunbathing with an inane half smile on his face. The only time in the best part of three weeks that he has appeared animated was when he was asked to behave like a rock star and trash a hotel room as part of a task.

It would not be a surprise to discover that he is actually an android.  Fellow finalist, Loose Woman and singer Coleen Nolan, said that he was a lovely bloke but that she sometimes wanted to ‘shove a rocket up his backside.’  Perhaps his batteries need changing?

What are Coleen’s chances?

When Coleen was up for eviction in the first week she was less popular than Julian Clary and ‘The Situation.’  Since then she has done a fair bit of stirring and cried quite a lot – mainly because of Julie Goodyear’s behaviour towards her.  Julie nominated her to her face and subsequently said that she loved her. Coleen did not mind the nomination but was understandably upset with the insincere aftermath.

Yes, she might have provoked some sympathy with viewers but not enough to improve her chances significantly. Relatively recently she proved more popular than ‘rinser’ and (not much) ‘lingerie model’ Danica Thrall and deluded Samantha Brick. That is not an achievement worthy of inclusion on anyone’s curriculum vitae.

Now she is the 7/1 third favourite whilst ‘The Situation’ is on offer at double those odds with the bookmakers. Coleen is not far behind 7/2 shot Martin Kemp in the betting but she looks very unlikely to emulate the victory of ‘Loose Woman’ Denise Welch in the last series.

Could ‘The Situation’ win?

‘The Situation’ has been in the most popular pair on both occasions when up for eviction but is currently on offer at best odds of 16/1. The majority of UK viewers had probably not heard of him when he entered the house but they seem to like him now. He has received plenty of coverage thanks to his unrequited ‘romance’ with Danica. Perhaps his muscular body (that Julian thought resembled a bag full of spanners) appeals to some viewers. They will probably not mind that he has an ego the size of a planet and a brain the size of a maggot’s.

He has claimed on more than one occasion to be the fourth most searched person on the internet, worldwide. Our research in the UK cannot substantiate this claim. He probably does not realise that search engines have a local focus. He might be the fourth most searched person in the US but there is no guarantee of the strength of his currency beyond its shores.

What are the chances of the outsiders in the betting?

Fun sized finalist, judo Olympian Ashley McKenzie seems to be a thoroughly nice boy these days after a troubled start in life. He lost his heart to page three girl, Rhian Sugden and is now the heart of the successful HAM team (the ‘A’ is for Ashley). Had he won a medal in the Olympics he might have been a big contender. Unfortunately he lasted less than four minutes, losing his first Olympic contest.

He is one of the most popular people with housemates but we just do not know what the public think of him as he has never been up for eviction.  Unlike the ‘H’ of HAM, So Solid Crew member Harvey, he did not enter the house with any negative publicity which has to be an advantage.

Harvey has been a fun housemate but he is also known as being a love rat for cheating on his ex-wife, Alesha Dixon. Messing with any of the Strictly Come Dancing crew does not generally endear you to the UK public. Interestingly, he was most critical of Danica the ‘rinser’ from the very beginning.  You have to like him for his comment about the Prince ‘I thought he was the theory man but he’s thick as s**t.’

For a man who has committed indiscretions in the past, he seems to see things in black and white which does not sit comfortably with his past behaviour. He is a 50/1 outsider in the betting for good reason.

So who is the best bet to win?

Picking the favourite to win is never particularly exciting, especially when he is offered at a short price but Julian Clary (an 8/15 shot) looks to be the most likely winner. He has the benefit of a large following on Twitter and would not be the first comedian to win. Jack Dee won the inaugural Celebrity Big Brother. If the audience on Big Brother’s Bit on the Side is any indicator, his sexuality will probably be a positive rather than a negative factor.

The only concern is that Julian may be a bit quiet in the final two days without his in-house best friend, Julie Goodyear. His entertainment value in the final task as host of a shopping channel with Coleen should carry him through to the very end.

If you do not like betting on odds-on shots, The Situation looks to be the value bet amongst the relative outsiders at 16/1. He was in the top two at the beginning with Julian and is so savvy about the reality TV game that he might just pull something out of the bag in the closing stages.

Julian Clary (8/15) has to be our pick to win but have a small bet on 16/1 longshot The Situation if you are looking for a candidate that provides excellent value in the Celebrity Big Brother Betting