Olympic Basketball: Team USA v Argentina Betting Tips & Preview

Argentina may feel the backlash of a Team USA that sailed too close to the wind in their latest game. Two days is a long time in basketball and after the massacre of Nigeria, the United States ran into problems against a stubborn Lithuania side.

Team USA were coming off the back of an 83 thrashing of Nigeria. We told you to bet on Team USA with a 42-point handicap, but we did not see such an awesome and dominant display coming. The game posted the biggest total points for any Olympic basketball clash in history.

While everyone was bathing in the glory of that fine victory and making comparisons with the Dream Team, there was a major wake-up call around the corner. Against Lithuania it went from the sublime to the ridiculous as Team USA ultimately scraped a mere five-point margin victory, 99-94. They demonstrated some defensive vulnerabilities in the process.

Maybe the Lithuania scare will remove it for good, but it is not the first time the word ‘complacency’ has been linked to the United States team this Olympics. They certainly need to raise their game for the clash against Argentina on Monday (August 6, 10.15pm London time & 5.15pm EDT), because these opponents were cosy 23-point victors over Lithuania.

Rated No.3 in the world, Argentina are going to be a tough nut to crack and they will have gained confidence from the way Lithuania dominated certain aspects of the play.

Now we turn to the bookies betting odds on the game. Before we do, put yourself in the shoes of the odds-makers and think what points handicap you would give the Americans to make this game even? Now compare your own opinion with that of the betting lines. This is the technique to see which side of the handicap you will go with your wager:

  • Bet365 Bookmaker (Best for Non-USA sports bettors. Does not accept Americans):
    Argentina +23.5 points at odds of 10/11; Team USA –23.5 points at odds of 10/11
  • BetOnline Sportsbook (accepts all American bettors):
    Argentina  +24.5pts at odds of -110; Team USA –24.5pts at odds of -110

So you can see from the odds with the top bookie for non-Americans and the lines from the top sportsbook for Americans that they are different by a single point, but both expect a US margin of victory to be around 24 points.

Team USA v Argentina Betting Tips

It is hard to know which Team USA will turn up, the one that broke records against Nigeria or the one that nearly failed against Lithuania. As Argentina beat Lithuania by a comfortable 23pt margin this game may be closer than a 24-point margin suggests.

My betting tip at the odds would be for Team USA to overcome Argentina narrowly and win Group A, but not by the dominance the bookies are expecting. Here is my betting advice:

  1. Bet on Argentina + 24.5pts with BetOnline Sportsbook if you are an American.
  2. Bet on Argentina + 23.5pts with Bet365 Bookmaker if you are UK or any other nationality.