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Pinnacle SportsbookPinnacle Sportsbook is an online bookmaker with a difference, taking larger bets at better odds. Unfortunately they no longer accept UK players, but are a good choice for other nationalities.

This firm prides itself on offering the most competitive betting odds available. You will get bigger bets placed than anywhere else on the internet. They claim (loudly on their home page) to never close a winning account.

This firm is a great option for all global sports and particularly caters for people who want a healthy bet on American sports or European football. In fact all sports options are covered extensively with the exception of horse racing.

The major benefits:

  1. Most competitive odds. Because there is obviously no commission paid to Pinnacle, they tend to out-perform even the betting exchanges for best value lines.
  2. Taking bigger sized bets than other firms. While they accept a minimum bet of just $1, their maximums start at £10,000 a wager and go up depending on the event. The maximum single wager amounts are shown above each event and they are huge. You can also re-bet these maximums. That means after you have a maximum bet you can have another identical big bet again (and another etc). The reason their website works this way is to give them a chance to adjust the odds if they need to.
  3. Never closing a winning account. That is not like other bookies! We have been using this site ourselves and have gone through a tremendous winning run with them (but losing on other sites unfortunately) and there has been no limiting of our account at all.

As a result, Pinnacle does not offer free bets or bonuses when you sign up. The real bonus is in the better odds. If you count yourself as a ‘bonus chaser’ then this is not the firm for you. Only serious, value-conscious bettors might consider joining Pinnacle. You do not need to be a big player though – it is just nice to know they will take a large wager.

As you may have discovered, most online bookmakers will not take anything but recreational bets. When you try to get a lumpy wager on their systems reject it. And the problem with the betting exchanges is that often there is not the volume available to accommodate a big bet. This is where Pinnacle beats the competition. They work on tiny profit margins but have a massive client-base and huge turnover.

So what are the downsides?

Well there are only a few minor downsides to Pinnacle Sportsbook:

  1. They will charge for withdrawals. Most methods have one free withdrawal a month, after which you do need to pay a small fee for the withdrawal. Given this only applies beyond one withdrawal, this is hardly onerous. It is something that might negatively affect the smaller punter rather then the larger player. After all, if you are betting big then a small withdrawal fee of circa $20 is not even going to be noticed.
  2. The support is email based. This is another reason they can keep the betting margins so tight. The support is very good and you get a speedy response to any query. Just be aware they do not feel as accessible as many other large firms.
  3. As mentioned, don’t expect a big welcome bonus. This sort of golden handshake it not what the firm is about. It is about low margins and accommodating larger bets. It is for serious punters who do not need to have some sort of transient sweetener to ensure they sign up.
  4. No horse racing coverage.
  5. European gamblers may initially find it a tiny bit unsettling that the website uses so much American sports betting terminology (like ‘parlay’ & ‘teaser’), but don’t worry about that.  It just betrays Pinnacles roots in the Caribbean rather than Europe. It is the English language (well almost!) and placing a bet is just the same.

Which nationalities can join?

Anyone can join, except the residents of the following countries: USA, Turkey, Holland, France.

Can I trust them & where are they licensed?

Yes. Pinnacle may not be the biggest brand name out there but they are the biggest bookmaker in terms of weighty bets accepted. They are well known to all the major players and every professional sports gambler.

This firm is no late-comer either. They have been operating since 1998 without attracting any negative publicity at all. This company is has a betting license out of the Netherland Antilles, where it has offices.

Software and easy of use

It could not be simpler to use Pinnacle. The software has a lot of options that make placing a wager easy. There are also a lot of in-play markets and they even have a special ‘Dynamic Lines’ feature for the fast-moving live betting lines. This refreshes the live betting odds automatically.

The website is simple to get to grips with and highly impressive in a minimalist way. There are no unnecessary bells and whistles. It is all about the business of betting.

Pinnacle Sportsbook Review Summary & Opinion

I have been placing wagers at Pinnacle for many months now and I am deeply impressed. It is so lovely not to hit any limits and not to have bets reduced once you back a couple of winners. Their claims are not spurious. They truly live up to them.

This company also beats the betting exchanges because often there simply is not the liquidity to get £10,000 on a selection with say Betfair. Come to think of it there is often not the volume to get £500 on some markets and then you get hit for commission at the exchanges. At this site, none of that is an issue. So a betting account here is a crucial bit of ammunition in your mathematical battle against the odds.

Obviously recreational punters are welcomed, but this website is ideal for serious, value-aware punters who might want to have some very big bets. Trust my personal experience on this, if you have had accounts closed elsewhere then you will get a very pleasant surprise when you try Pinnacle Sportsbook.

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