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What Odds Roberto Di Matteo misses out?

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In the normal world you and I inhabit Roberto Di Matteo would have a nice watertight full-time contract and there would be no need for the bookies to form their Chelsea Manager Betting markets.

However in the twilight world that Roman Abramovich inhabits things are not so straightforward. Success does not necessarily bring reward. Meritocracy is not a word he knows, and that is not just because English is his second language.

Looking through the eyes of Abramovich perhaps the world is a place where victory is the default option and everything else is failure. So winning the FA Cup and becoming the first London club to lift The Champions League is a matter of right. Anything else would mean the world had lost its equilibrium. In this state of mind, maybe the season has been an abject failure for Chelsea because they were a mere sixth in the Premier League.

Chelsea’s one blot on their copybook can hardly be down to Di Matteo. After all their season took off in all competitions when he moved from back room to front of house on the departure of the likeable but all-at-sea André Villas-Boas. AVB was cut adrift even before he was booted out with his pockets laden with cash.

The players want Di Matteo to stay. They even sang it after their triumph in Munich. Sweet. They have a sense of what is just in this world: work hard, be successful and the rest will follow. We are all told it will be so. When the world is run by Abramovichs the rhetorical retort has to be ‘how naive.’ Player support may do Di Matteo’s cause no good at all. Was it not player power that helped hasten AVB’s demise? Will Roman Abramovich force his dictatorial authority upon the club and deny those same overpaid “stars” their wish, just to prove who is always indisputably boss?

If you read the signals in the Chelsea Manager Betting market then it does not look good for the stand-in coach. Di Matteo is a shade of odds-on at 8/11 at the time this missive is being written, but his odds have been drifting like a barge. It is not a good sign.

There are some big names breathing down his neck in the betting: Fabio Capello. He might get the job but we know he has his own issues with authority as the FA will tell you. Harry Redknapp would need to be stolen away from Tottenham, but as the chairman of that club’s only language is ‘fluent money’ then a deal could be done. Ironically Chelsea’s victory over Bayern Munich makes the Spurs job much less attractive to ‘Our ‘Arry’ as Champions League football was denied the North London team by the Chelsea sharp shooters. Beyond these two, the big names on Roman’s potential hit list goes on.

Many bookmakers are swerving pricing the odds on a market fraught with problems and uncertainty. Who can blame them? Second guessing Abramovich has never been easy, especially as the man has proven time and again that he does not give a second thought to public opinion.

What this means is that if you think you can get inside Mr Abramovich’s head and work out which angle he will pursue then you are streets ahead of the bookies. Maybe you can take advantage. As for our verdict, well we are going to bottle it totally and avoid a ‘next Chelsea manager’ betting tip. Our overriding feeling is one of foreboding for the deserving FA Cup and Champions League winning manager Roberto Di Matteo.