Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Betting Preview:
Dodgy Situation has to go

The Situation

Dodgy Situation: good bet

Five celebrities are up for eviction in the second round of Celebrity Big Brother Eviction betting. Julian Clary, Cheryl Fergison, Coleen Nolan, Prince Lorenzo and Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino are at the mercy of the public vote.

The British public will vote to save their own so it has to be one of the US ‘stars’ who will leave on Friday. The Situation is the 10/11 favourite with the bookies to go with Prince Lorenzo just behind him in the odds.

‘The Situation’ absolutely has to be the one to go. He is not clever, he is not funny and, with a face reminiscent of something you might find under a bridge in Scandinavia, he is definitely not attractive to the majority of British women. Does anyone else think that he looks like a troll?

If, like the rest of the British public you had not heard of him before Celebrity Big Brother, The Situation is a reality TV star in the US who is known for his unreserved behaviour on camera. Much of it we suspect involves physical activities with women.  He openly admitted that he was looking to find a ‘hot’ lady in the house and entered equipped with a supply of condoms. It is just as well he loves himself because it is unlikely that anyone else with the power of reason in the UK will.

Julian Clary, the camp comedian, may well be losing the popularity contest with his fellow housemates but there is no chance that he will be following the route taken by the toxic Twiglet, Jasmine Lennard, who was the first to leave the house on Wednesday.

Clary has started fairly quietly in the house but is currently the favourite to win the show. Martin Kemp, the favourite at the beginning, dropped a major clanger when he admitted to wiping his backside with tenners when he found himself in a nightclub lavatory bereft of bathroom stationery. Whoops. That is not going to endear him to the cash strapped public in this age of economic gloom.

For someone who likes to have the bathroom to himself for three hours and hates the sound of breathing and coughing, Clary has done extremely well to maintain his equilibrium. He is sleeping in the bed next to Julie Goodyear who apparently sounds like an old boiler when asleep and coughs a lot in between cigarettes when she isn’t.  

The best one-liners have predictably come from Clary and most of them have been directed at The Situation.  On the very first evening, when Clary asked The Situation what his function was, The Situation did not understand the question. On hearing that he was a US reality star Clary made a correct assumption about his level of intelligence and communication skills and said he would use very short words in future.

The Situation is also a hypocrite. He has openly talked about his sexual exploits involving more than one woman, so shouldn’t that make him pretty broad minded? Apparently not. His jaw dropped when he found out that the main object of his desire in the house, Danica Thrall, the lingerie model and ‘Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys’ star had been involved in some suspect practices online. It was Clary who quipped “Well, he’s hardly the Virgin Mary himself!”

Clary, who privately (and appropriately) refers to The Situation as The Occasional Table, nominated him for his disrespectful attitude to women and for his sheer brainlessness. He also mentioned that he had a body resembling ‘a bag full of spanners’.  There is something deeply unattractive about The Situation’s torso but he seems to think that people will like it and shows it off at every opportunity

Cheryl Fergison and Coleen Nolan also nominated The Situation. They felt they had no connection with him as he has no interest in them. That looks to be true. The Situation has no time for mother figures or overweight women and only appears to have time to talk to attractive ones whom he would like to be closer to. Fergison also mentioned that his preferred topic is always himself. No surprise there as he has an ego the size of a planet.

The second favourite to go, Prince Lorenzo, who is not a real prince at all but a filthy rich man who appears to have a thing about appearing on television. He has been on the US version of The Bachelor and apparently played a butler in a bizarre programme with lots of animals? It was in the US.

The Prince got paid to appear on Celebrity Big Brother but clearly does not need the money. He must just be a thwarted exhibitionist hungry for fame.  He was nominated by Clary for ‘contagious dullness’. If he has said anything interesting or amusing since entering the house I have definitely missed it too.

Julie Goodyear also nominated the Prince as she felt he did not fit in as he lived in hotels and was a human calculator. His mathematical brain was obviously not interesting enough to make the editor’s cut so we will have to take Julie’s word for it.

The Prince’s outrageous wealth is unlikely to make anyone feel sorry for him but he does have some redeeming characteristics. He politely ignored the toxic Twiglet’s advances on the opening night and nominated her for eviction instead. He does not look like a troll. He appears to be a gentleman and has very good manners. He does not wear a baseball cap the whole time and is able to formulate a reasonable sentence even if he does not really understand English, rather than American.

Julie Goodyear mentioned in her nomination speech that if she said something to him she felt that he did not really ‘get it’. Remember her T shirt on the opening night ‘GET IT, GOT IT, GOOD’? Goodyear likes to be immediately understood. We can probably forgive the Prince for failing to understand an English institution.

Betting Tip: The Situation will definitely find himself looking for a new one on Friday evening and rates a bet at 10/11 in the Celebrity Big Brother eviction betting to get the boot.

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