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Public to throw house Brick out

Samantha Brick

Subtle as a Brick: Fraud Samantha to go

Danica Thrall and Samantha Brick face eviction for the second time this week and are joined by Coleen Nolan after the fourth round of nominations. Only one of them will survive as it is a double eviction tonight (Friday, Aug 31).

On Wednesday evening, lingerie model and ‘rinser’ Danica was surprised to find herself in the most popular pair with US reality TV star ‘The Situation’.  Journalist Samantha Brick was in the bottom pair as predicted but it was Rhian Sugden, the Page Three girl who hit the tabloids as a potential marriage breaker, who was evicted. She said that she wanted to go and gave the public no incentives to save her.

Samantha, who famously claimed that she was victimised for being ‘too beautiful’ in an article for the Daily Mail, is the favourite to go. She is odds on but only just and looks to be an absolute certainty. Even if you generally avoid odds-on shots, it is worth bending your betting principles for this one.  There can be value in a short priced favourite if it really is certain to come in – or go out in this case.

Unlike Wednesday when we knew it would be a closely fought contest, Samantha absolutely has to go this time.

Why does Samantha find herself up for eviction again?

Comedian Julian Clary, Coleen and Danica have decided that they do not like her, nominating her twice this week. Former Eastenders star and musician Martin Kemp has now taken against her too. He named her in the face to face nominations that took place on Wednesday night.

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Julian believes that she has been role playing since entering the house and he is right. She came into the Big Brother bungalow armed with an apron and dusters, determined to become the house mother, or at the very least chief cook and cleaner.  Former ‘Loose Woman’ and singer Coleen took against her for domestic reasons. Samantha’s efforts in the culinary department have been appreciated by some of the housemates but the group that think beyond what she provides for their stomachs is obviously growing.

Samantha has been nauseatingly nice to just about everyone from the beginning. How can someone aged 40 who is such a Rottweiler in print suddenly become a benign Labrador puppy anxious to be liked by everyone?  Only when she was granted the elevated status of a god in the ‘Gods and Mortals’ task did we receive a taste of the acidic attitude that she regularly adopts in print.

When secretly viewing Danica’s antics on screen with her fellow ‘gods’ she quietly commented “She’s ruthless. That girl is poison.” Danica and Rhian can expect to be the subject matter of some particularly vitriolic articles as soon as she is kicked out.

If Samantha is a goner, who else is likely to get the boot?

If popularity with the public had any direct correlation with the decency of the character of the housemate up for eviction, Coleen would be sure to stay rather than Danica. But in this series of Celebrity Big Brother the usual rules do not seem to apply.

On Wednesday it was Danica and The Situation on top. He’s known for sleeping with just about anyone on the US version of Jersey Shore and made it clear that he would not shy away from ‘action’ with any ‘hot girls’ that he encountered in the house. The Situation also found himself in the most popular pair with Julian Clary in the second eviction. He received more votes than Coleen, Prince Lorenzo and the ex-Eastenders star and all round good egg, Cheryl Fergison.

Danica is now known for not wearing much lingerie at all and extorting money and gifts from vulnerable men.  She has flirted so outrageously with both The Situation and Prince Lorenzo that her boyfriend, Ben King, is now getting very concerned. She does not so much flirt for England as flirt for the entire Empire.

She once approached the Prince when dressed as a prostitute, inviting him to stroke her hair (a purple wig) and taste the glitter make up she was wearing.  Interestingly, the Prince said that it was just like being at home – but then he does claim to live in hotels so God knows what is ‘normal’ for him.

More recently, since she was up for eviction on Wednesday, she has gone into overdrive. In the Gods and Mortals task she was tethered to fellow mortal, Prince Lorenzo.  Mortals wore short tunics. When Prince Lorenzo went for a cigarette in the rain she not only did some industrial strength flirting but actually put her head under his tunic, in his groin. Are we supposed to believe that she did it purely to shelter from the rain?

Viewers did not need to be particularly observant to notice that she was wearing black underwear too. She deliberately sat with her legs in a position for the cameras to see exactly what she was wearing beneath it. You have to wonder if her public followers are swelled by those she has ‘rinsed’ in the past.  After learning what her ‘rinsing’ victims supposedly pay just to hear what she has had for breakfast, putting the phone on automatic redial with the number to save her must seem like a bargain.

Danica’s former ‘best friend’ in the house and sleeping partner Rhian mentioned in her exit interview that she had let Danica know that she was putting herself on display. She had apparently been bending down in her dressing gown with nothing on underneath it. Danica has clearly decided to employ her rinsing tactics on the public and they seem to be working if Wednesday’s result is any guide.

If rinsing is working for Danica you have to think seriously about Coleen’s chances of surviving the next eviction. She’s currently the wide outsider in the eviction betting but it would not be a surprise to see her leave too. She has joined Julie Goodyear as co-favourite in the top woman category.

Samantha Brick is definitely worth a sizeable bet, even at a short price as she looks nailed on to go. The likely second housemate to leave is very debatable but Coleen Nolan looks to be a much better value bet than Danica Thrall.

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