Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Betting Tips & Preview:
Career Bitch fights Page 3 Girl in Round 1

Jasmine & Rhian

‘Models’ Jasmine v Rhian in CBB Eviction battle

The Celebrity Big Brother Eviction betting has got off to a flying start with Jasmine Lennard the self proclaimed ‘career bitch’ going head to head with the naturally top heavy page three girl, Rhian Sugden.

Jasmine is the 2/7 hot favourite to leave the house on Wednesday with Rhian at around 5/2, but it is not as clear cut as those odds would suggest.

Both girls were unpopular with the fans that attended the CBB launch show and stoically smiled their way through a barrage of boos. They have obviously not been a big hit with housemates either. Both girls received three nominations.

What are Rhian’s chances of survival in the Big Brother house?

There is nothing wrong with being a page three girl but Rhian is best known for sending sexy texts to television host, Vernon Kay. No big deal there either except that he is the husband of Tess Daly, the immensely popular Strictly Come Dancing presenter. Interfering with the relationship of one of the most loved show business couples must make her an instant hate figure.

She has been portrayed as a kiss and tell merchant but has strongly denied to housemates that she sold her story. Ironically Jasmine was the first to grill her about the details of her communications with Kay, saying that she had read direct quotes from her. Rhian countered that they were nothing of the sort.

A quick internet search reveals that Kay sent dodgy texts to a number of women, apparently when drunk whilst Tess was busy working elsewhere. Rhian claims she has been misquoted but yes, they did exchange texts and she did meet him, but only in company. She knew his brother and his family as they were all based in Bolton. If we are to believe her we can assume that they never got far beyond the text stage.

Looking at her behaviour in the house, Rhian has been one of the quieter housemates. She was nominated by Coleen Nolan and Cheryl Fergison because they both felt that they had not really had the chance to get to know her yet. Only Samantha Brick, the controversial journalist, nominated her for something definite. She felt that Rhian had judged her harshly for using her name in one of her articles about errant husbands.

When Rhian does talk she sometimes has all the tact of a double decker bus. On the first night, when introduced to ‘The Situation’ who appears in the US version of Jersey Shore, she said she hoped it was not as bad as the UK version.

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She also said something quite nasty to little Ashley McKenzie, the judo Olympian. When she discovered that he had size five feet she mentioned the folklore correlation between the size of a man’s feet and another more personal part of his anatomy. Nice one Rhian.

Rhian may be aesthetically appealing if you like Barbie doll blondes but she is rarely worth listening to. When she is not putting her foot in it, she is pretty damned dull.

What are Jasmine’s chances?

In contrast, I doubt that anyone has ever accused ‘model’ Jasmine of being dull. Firstly, just in case you had not heard of her, Jasmine Lennard achieved notoriety in 2005 for her appalling behaviour in the Channel 5 series, Make Me a Supermodel. She was voted off the show pretty quickly but was asked to contribute to a spin off programme. She was so rude about Rachel Hunter, one of the judges, that she got the sack from that fairly rapidly too.

Since then, it is the people that she has got into the sack with that have resulted in her name appearing in the papers. In 2006 she had a six month affair with Simon Cowell and has his initials tattooed on her wrist. Why? Was he her biggest scalp? Cowell was in the middle of a six year relationship with Terri Seymour at the time. She clearly has no qualms about stealing someone else’s partner.

More recently, she made a major play for Prince Lorenzo, on the very first night.  She asked him what star sign he was and when he said he was a Gemini she said she was always attracted to Geminis. Oh dear. Surely she could have come up with a better line than that? He was presumably not impressed either as he nominated her for eviction. She was offended (understatement) and told him to go away in words beginning with ‘f’ and ‘o’ shortly afterwards when he tried to explain that he thought she had received her appearance money and would want to be reunited with her son. She had already donned the mega sunglasses and the crying was inevitable.

Bizarrely, Julie Goodyear seems to have taken her under her wing. She has not heard her refer to Danica Thrall (who also nominated her) as a prostitute and many other things besides.

Jasmine has promised “If I stay, god help the three people who voted for me.” That alone could make people to vote to save her. Unlike Rhian, she really can provide entertaining viewing.

Online polls reveal that there is little to choose between them at the moment but there are a few days to go yet. Nice people usually win reality shows but nasty people are often kept in longer than anyone expects.

Jasmine looks the most likely to go but do not lump on because this is a much closer contest than the bookies’ Celebrity Big Brother betting odds suggest.