Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Preview:
Expect an ex-housemate formerly known as Prince

Julie Goodyear

Julie: Big Brother’s one-eyed monster

Soap stars Julie Goodyear and Martin Kemp are now eyeing the exit of the Celebrity Big Brother house together with the pseudo Italian Prince Lorenzo in a double eviction.

Prince Lorenzo was the odds-on favourite to be the first to go but now Julie Goodyear has been backed into favourite in some books. You can see the latest full betting odds here.

Evictions have been much less predictable than usual in this series. In the second round the Prince surprised everyone (including himself) by proving to be more popular with the voting public than another soap star, ex-Eastender housemate, Cheryl Fergison.

He seems to be up against much stronger opposition this week but Coronation Street veteran and ‘national treasure’, the 70-year-old Julie Goodyear appears to have blown her chances of victory in the house.

She was among the early favourites in the Celebrity Big Brother betting and made a promising start. Yes, she has sworn like a trooper and smoked like a chimney from day one but, unlike her alter ego Bet Lynch, she was incredibly benign to all the housemates in the early stages. She even took care of the toxic Twiglet, Jasmine Lennard, in her hours of greatest need, accompanying her into the Diary Room and providing a shoulder to cry on.

Her initially impressive capacity for tolerance and compassion towards her fellow housemates lasted for more than a week but now appears to have gone AWOL. The filter between mind and mouth suddenly vanished when she was deified in the Gods and Mortals shopping task.

The gods were able to spy secretly on all the mortal housemates. Julie’s comments on the conversations and actions she witnessed were anything but benign. Fellow gods Martin Kemp, Ashley McKenzie the fun sized judo Olympian and MC Harvey of So Solid Crew heard them all. Her vicious remarks were so extreme that they prompted Martin to take Ashley and Harvey aside and advise them not to follow suit. He suggested that 70-year-old women can get away with saying things that young men cannot.

Julie drifted massively in the outright winner betting immediately after her apparent personality change from ‘caring pensioner’ to ‘critical monster’ so the bookies do not believe in age-related exemption. In last Friday’s eviction she was surprised and visibly shaken to hear the crowd outside chanting ‘get Julie out.’ She clearly has no idea how her comments came across. Her vehement dislike of sole surviving female housemate, former Loose Woman and singer Coleen Nolan was also thoroughly exposed to anyone who had any doubt.

Shortly after hearing the eviction crowd’s rant she dragged MC Harvey into the toilet and suggested that he and his gang all nominate the Prince. Another bad move. As always, Big Brother overheard the conversation and repeated it verbatim to all the housemates. Embarrassing.

Julie claimed that she was so shaken by the chants of the crowd that she could not even remember having the conversation. Big Brother was unconvinced and unsympathetic. She was temporarily deprived of all her leopard print clothing as a punishment.  Fortunately she had just enough garments left to ensure decency in the interim period.

Her recent behaviour has been so blatantly inconsistent with her initial act that the housemates have realised what she is up to. Every housemate with the ability to nominate except the camp comedian Julian Clary, her best friend and smoking buddy, nominated her. The US reality TV star, Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino has been banned from nominating for cheating in the last round of face to face nominations.

It was no surprise to the viewing public to discover on Monday night that she was the least popular person with housemates. She received five nominations and was universally described as being two faced and fake. Martin and the Prince received three nominations each.

Julie was shocked to hear that she was up for eviction. Cue an unconvincing performance in the Diary Room with contrived tears and a ridiculous statement that it would give hope to all pensioners if she reached the final.

Something tells me that the majority of UK pensioners do not define their worth in society by the age of Celebrity Big Brother finalists. Let’s hope she comes up with a stronger argument to save her in the closing stages.

Martin Kemp

Un-Kemp: Eviction-nominated Martin Kemp has a bad hair day

Martin Kemp was also shocked to hear that he was up for eviction. He wonders if he has unwittingly said something to offend people. Has he said anything at all? It was Julian, Coleen and Ashley who nominated him. The reality is that Coleen finds him uncommunicative and wants ‘to put a rocket up his arse,’ Ashley feels that he isolates himself from the group and Julian does not like being bossed around by him. Martin nominated Julian for sharing an ‘electronic cigarette’ in the bedroom with Julie. The strains of the Big Brother environment are obviously taking their toll.

This eviction will be an interesting test of Martin’s innate popularity. He has not done anything wrong but he has definitely not been the most entertaining housemate to watch. One former housemate said that the most exciting thing that he did was to get a tan.

Martin has admitted to using tenners to wipe his backside and discussed the virtues of flying first class rather than having to take private jets with the Prince.  Will the cash strapped public decide to fork out and vote for him?

Prince Lorenzo was nominated by Julie, Julian and Harvey. Julian finds him dull, Julie feels no connection with a ‘human calculator’ and Harvey holds grudges about his behaviour with Danica as The Situation got there first. Independent observers have described him as being emotionally handicapped and having the backbone of a blancmange.

This time it looks as if Prince Lorenzo will be packing his own suitcase for the last time. Julie Goodyear may be vying for favouritism to go but, despite her appalling behaviour, it would not be surprise to see her reach the final instead of the dull but decent Martin Kemp.