Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Betting Tip:
House Brick heading for ugly truth at 7/2

Samantha Brick

Brick: Deluded & insincere

After the third round of nominations Danica Thrall, Rhian Sugden, Michael ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino and self-proclaimed ‘beauty’ Samantha Brick face eviction tonight.

The Situation looks to be safe so the scene is set for the battle of the blondes to win the public vote. There is very little to choose between this bunch of ‘stunners’, all three were so popular that they were welcomed with boos as they entered the house.

They are not exactly celebrities with a public following either. How the entrance event crowd knew who they were remains a mystery. Either they were issued with a crib sheet or someone somewhere was holding up a board suggesting the appropriate crowd noise for these lesser known inmates.

Danica and Rhian are currently the favourites to go at around 11/8. Samantha is best-priced at 7/2. US Jersey Shore star, The Situation, is the massive outsider at over 28/1. He was in the leading duo of the popularity stakes in the last eviction so we will focus on the blondes.

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40-year-old Samantha Brick seems to provide by far the best value at that price. All three blondes are nobodies and older women generally do not do very well in these contests. Yes, Denise Welch won the last Celebrity Big Brother but she had her own public and only won by virtue of the sympathy generated by ‘Pantsgate’.

Why should anyone feel sorry for Samantha?

She had her own media company and went bust five years ago but did not exactly end up on the streets. Now she is just a journalist who incensed a lot of people when she wrote an article for the Daily Mail making the deluded claim that women did not like her because she was “too beautiful”. Compared with her competition in this eviction she looks distinctly plain (plain ugly –Ed).

Funnily enough she has been married to her French husband for four years. When her wonderful career went pear shaped she presumably applied herself to getting hitched and has apparently devoted herself to being the perfect wife ever since. She not only does all the domestic stuff when at home in France but works out, carefully monitors her weight and gives her rather thuggish looking French husband a reflexology massage when he gets home from work every night.

She clearly went into the Big Brother house with a plan to become the domestic goddess. According to Coleen Nolan (who nominated her), she even brought an apron and dusters with her! We are told that she does all the cooking and more than her fair share of the cleaning.

Interesting plan Samantha but it seems to have backfired. Cooking and cleaning do not make great viewing and she has probably received less coverage than anyone in the house. Only now that she is up for eviction have we seen a few clips of her in domestic mode.

MC Harvey of So Solid Crew is seriously worried about what will happen to the menu if Samantha leaves but not every housemate’s heart has been touched by the delights she has served to their stomachs.

Julian Clary, who nominated her, said he had become bored with her incessantly asking everyone if they were all right. He is not convinced that her behaviour is part of a naturally caring nature. He is understandably suspicious of anyone connected with the Daily Mail.

Samantha has indeed been mind-numbingly nice to everyone ever since she walked through the door. She has been incredibly considerate and avoided all conflicts. She has not voiced a single controversial opinion, preferring to adopt the role of sympathetic listener and perennial fence-sitter.

She has done absolutely nothing wrong and was very surprised to find herself up for eviction, but why on earth should anyone bother to vote to save her? Only attentive viewers will have noticed that she is actually in the house.

In contrast, Danica and Rhian have definitely not behaved like saints. They have attracted a fair amount of coverage, especially Danica, albeit for the wrong reasons.

Danica Thrall was originally described as a lingerie model although precious little lingerie is featured in the pictures you will find of her online. She was also one of the ‘ladies’ featured in Channel 4’s ‘Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys’ documentary.

The jury is out on whether Danica is a tart but she is definitely an extremely accomplished flirt. She has succeeded in attracting two ardent admirers in the house, The Situation and Prince Lorenzo.

Her flirting and the way that she has flitted between her two conquests have not gone down well. She is the least popular person with housemates by a mile, receiving six nominations. Her fellow evictees received just three each.

Danica is a pathological flirt but she did not deserve to be called a prostitute by the toxic Twiglet, former housemate Jasmine Lennard. Nor did she deserve to be called a whore by Jasmine’s mother, Marilyn Goldsworthy, who entered the house for a brief period as a pseudo psychic at the weekend. Danica was in tears after each insult. They were prettily shed tears though, some of which fell in the Diary Room, presumably to achieve maximum impact.

25-year-old Rhian Sugden is just a Page Three girl who has not needed to employ silicon to enhance her assets. She attracted the attention of the tabloids for sending inappropriate texts to TV presenter Vernon Kay who happens to be married to Strictly Come Dancing’s Tess Daly.

Rhian has not provided much entertainment for viewers and has done little to dispel the dumb blonde image she was hoping to lose by going into the house.  She has managed to gain an admirer of her own though in the shape of pint-sized judo Olympian, Ashley McKenzie.

There was some debate as to whether she led Ashley on but she has told him that she is already spoken for. End of story but the beginning of an atmosphere.  She no longer feels comfortable spending time with the boys in the house and has been taking evasive action. Inevitably, there have been a few tears.

When questioned by Julie Goodyear as part of her very obvious ‘due diligence’ prior to nominations, Ashley admitted that he may have been ‘played’ by Rhian. Crestfallen Ashley has now given up hope of winning over Rhian. He nominated her and Danica, as did Julie and Samantha.

So what will happen tonight?

The short answer is, nobody knows but you will need to keep watching. The departure of the latest evictee, EastEnders actress and in house entertainer, Cheryl Fergison, was a seismic shock to everyone, including the housemates and the bookmakers.

The Situation, was the hot favourite to go last time but he found himself in the top two having played a blinder in the closing stages. His pre-eviction chats with Big Brother in the Diary Room must have provoked sympathy.  He voiced the extent and (uncharacteristic) sincerity of his unrequited feelings for Danica.

Sympathy seems to be a massive trigger when it comes to the ‘vote to save’ dynamic. Right now there has to be very little sympathy for any of the blondes but Danica has been insulted and Rhian has been excluded. Both have shed tears.

It is definitely a close run thing but unless Samantha Brick stages a convincing breakdown, she looks to be the best bet for the boot in the Celebrity Big Brother Eviction Betting.