Deana & Lydia face Big Brother Eviction public vote
Latest Odds: 1/7 Two Faced Diva, 4/1 Dull But Nice.

Big Brother Eviction VoteThe fourth round of the Big Brother evictions puts the decorative but terminally dull Deana and the duplicitous dancer, Lydia (both pictured), into battle for the public vote.

This should be interesting – it is the first time for a while that the public have had housemates to vote for that they may really want to kick out.

Lydia was immediately quoted as the firm favourite to leave. She is the housemates’ least favourite person, receiving six nominations, one more than Deana. It is likely the viewing public will see it the same way too.

Certainly, if the latest Eviction betting with Bet365 Online Bookmaker is correct then Lydia is out. These are the odds with that firm about who will lose the public vote and be leaving the Big Brother house: 1/7 Lydia, 4/1 Deana.

Looking at the longer game, Luke A is currently the favourite to win overall with Adam close behind him. They are not the favourites with housemates though and both received a couple of nominations. Only Ashleigh, Becky, Arron and Sara went unmentioned in the fourth round.

So why is Lydia seen as the most likely to be on her way out?

Lydia has a first class degree in being two faced which is more obvious to the viewing public than her fellow housemates. Arron was quick to realise what she was up to and has shared his views with all of his mates. While Lydia has made for some entertaining viewing, if the first evictions are any guide, she does not have public support. She apparently attracted only one percent more of the vote than the first evictee when she was nominated.  More recently, when Benedict left the house, the chants of the crowd suggested that they would rather have seen her pack her bags than the comparatively honourable porn star Benedict.

When not bitching, orchestrating conflict or performing in the diary room, Lydia is guilty of boring the world about her ‘famous’ secret fiancé. The poor man is so famous that no one had heard of him before she undertook her one woman PR campaign to raise his profile.  She absolutely loves to namedrop about the genuinely famous people she has encountered and has claimed on more than one occasion that Piers Brosnan carried in her birthday cake when she was involved in Mamma Mia. You cannot help thinking that she probably appeared at the back in a crowd scene.

On her birthday in the Big Brother house she was allowed to talk to her fiancé on the telephone. Rather than asking him how he was she wasted no time in checking that they were still going to get married this year. The distinctly unenthusiastic ‘Yeah’ she received in reply suggests that he is much less keen on the idea than she is.

If he has been watching Big Brother he should now know exactly what he could be getting himself into. Perhaps Lydia thinks that voicing intent on live television will be in some way morally or even contractually binding for him. Or is she hoping to sell the wedding photos to Hello! magazine before the world forgets who she and her Z list fiancé, Andy Scott Lee, are?

Most recently, during the curious cuisine task Lydia made a massive fuss about eating a small jar of custard. It did nothing to endear her to anybody, especially if you can believe Becky’s claim that she saw her eating custard voluntarily the previous week. Food is quite obviously central to Becky’s life and you suspect that she is a reliable expert witness.

Since hearing that she is once again up for eviction, Lydia has started claiming that she is being bullied, just because Arron called her a f*****g weirdo under his breath at the table. That is nothing compared with what she has been up to.

Anyone who saw the scientific task will know that she had absolutely no qualms about inflicting increasingly painful ‘electric shocks’ on her fellow housemates. Left to her, they would have reached the most excruciating level and failed the task. Ironically, she now wants Big Brother to take action because it is so disgusting that boys are allowed to bully girls.

So what did Miss India UK, Deana, do to provoke the wrath that resulted in her nomination?

The moment Deana entered the house she was bound to make enemies of three of her housemates – she had to nominate the first trio to be put up for eviction within an hour of going through the Big Brother front door. Unfortunately for her only one of them would be rapidly removed from the scene.

She chose the voluptuous but ‘evil eyed’ Victoria, the first evictee, who was probably never destined for a long stay anyway. She also chose Conor because he had not really spoken to her.  It was a bad move as he was potentially popular and, not having forged any relationship with him since, he still bears a massive grudge.  Her most unfortunate but appropriate choice was Lydia. Even dopey Deana could instantly spot that there was something sinister about Lydia.

So Deana did not get the best of starts in the house and has not managed to make it into any of the house cliques since, largely appearing to be aloof and disinterested. When Big Becky burst into the house she immediately spotted that Deana was friendless and successfully fooled her into thinking that she really liked her and wanted to be best friends. Deana fell hook, line and sinker for Becky’s charm offensive. Since then she clearly still has not worked out how to play the Big Brother game.

In the curious cuisine task that took place shortly before the nominations, being the only housemate participating to fail (posh girl Caroline was supposedly already feeling sick and granted exclusion) was a disastrous result for Deana.  While Luke S stoically chomped his way through a pie containing dog food and Adam downed a bottle of cow’s urine in one, Deana’s failure to eat a cake containing tinned ham seemed a pretty poor effort for the team.

Deana later tried to explain herself to the public in the diary room saying how much she disliked beef. Yes, beef. Big Brother helpfully pointed out that the cake was not made of beef, it was tinned ham. She then said that it smelled of beef. Big Brother replied that she was supposed to eat it, not smell it. She also said that she hated beef so much that if the others were cooking it she would make herself something different. Wow! It must be a serious aversion then because it was suggested when she first entered the house that she had never cooked anything in her life. The servants or her mother did the domestic stuff.

During her dramatic attempt to consume the cake Deana turned the taps on sufficiently strongly to wash large quantities of black eye makeup into a river of soot down her face. Isn’t it children who usually start crying when they are given something they don’t like for tea? There was also a lot of dramatic gagging that provoked derision from both sides of the house.

Brat pack member Arron accused her acting up and said that she deserved an Oscar for her performance. Princess Caroline later pointed out that at least she was given proper food that was intended for human consumption. ‘I mean Luke had to eat dog food – and he’s not a dog!’ Well spotted Caroline . . . but at least dog food is designed to appeal to dogs. Nobody pointed out that cow’s pee is an unpleasant waste product that is not designed to be consumed by animals or anything else.

Conor was so incensed by Deana’s poor performance in the task that he later threatened to thrust a hair styling appliance into an aperture on her body more usually associated with reproduction. As a result of Deana’s failure he had been tasked with writing the next week’s shopping list alone, without help from anybody, and was obviously feeling the pressure. Nevertheless, it’s a big black mark for Conor and should provoke significant sympathy for Deana, especially as he also threatened to hit her.

Where does all this lead?

Quite simply, Lydia has to justify the bookies’ eviction betting odds and go on Friday. If she pulls any impressive stunts in the time remaining until the phone lines close the public will realise that they are exactly that. You have to feel sorry for Deana. Although dull she seems relatively decent and appears to be destined to endure a nightmare for at least another week.