Big Brother Eviction Betting Tips: Airhead Ashleigh 6/4 favourite to go

Essex girl Ashleigh and chubby cow Caroline are the two early favourites in the Big Brother Eviction betting this week.  In a new twist, every housemate who received a single nomination is up for eviction so Adam, Ashleigh, Caroline, Conor, Deana, Luke A, Luke S and Sara are at the mercy of the viewers’ vote. Only Scott and Becky are safe for another week. Read on for our tips on how the public vote will play out.

Bitchy Caroline

Caroline: Transformed from Bridget Jones . . .

Posh bird Caroline (9/4 to be booted out this week) from Surrey nearly fell down the stairs on entering the Big Brother house and seemed to be quite a likeable Bridget Jones type in the first week. She obviously struggled to control her weight and her hair. Since then she has gradually emerged as such a bitch that it can only be a matter of time before she starts barking. Her extremely unpleasant behaviour has even resulted in two warnings from Big Brother for her bitchy comments and bullying – she even likened Adam to a gorilla. Her manipulative bitching amongst the insiders has led to more than just Lauren’s exit.  It is no surprise that she received three nominations, all from the outsiders.  They know exactly what she is up to.

Chubby Cow Caroline

. . . to Total Bitch

Caroline has, however, been less obviously toxic since Big Brother gave her the latest warning. The voting public seem to have an incredibly short memory or Conor would not still be in the house. Caroline might be one of the favourites to go but it seems unlikely. Too many people probably enjoy the fuss when she is presented with fish eyes to eat. She has had to down two already. Expect a third if she stays in.

Lothario Luke S (4/1 to go), the nightclub promoter (he hands out leaflets?) has to be on the shortlist to return to his natural habitat this week.  Any man with a tattoo of red lips on his bicep has to have questionable judgement. Is it a coincidence that since nominations were announced he has chosen to reveal his little health problem? If he thinks that extracting his enlarged testicle for all to see is going to gain sympathy with viewers ‘the doctor says it’s ok for now but I might have to have it removed’, he is mistaken. He is unforgivably totally in love with himself and fancied his chances on entering the house in more ways than one. He made a play for all the attractive girls and ended up sharing a bed with archetypal Essex girl, Ashleigh.

He was obviously slightly shocked to find himself up for eviction. When he discovers that he received nominations from two insiders he will be mortified.  Well done Scott and Sara. You both deserve to be in the final for that alone.

Returning to Luke’s relationship with Ashleigh (6/4 to get kicked out), he has showered her with presents and even organised a cringe-worthy ‘romantic picnic’ for her in the garden. He wanted to appear the loving, considerate partner for the cameras but his efforts have been a waste of time. He fell for a fake approach by ‘media executives’ and said he did not think that he and Ashleigh would last and that he would love to appear on The Bachelor. That’s another Channel 5 programme in which a vain man (previously Gavin Henderson and currently Spencer Matthews from Made In Chelsea) gets to take his pick from a pack of relatively attractive available women. Big Brother has repeated the evidence of his insincerity often enough to ensure that even occasional viewers have seen it. His terminal arrogance surely has not gone unnoticed too.  Who would vote to save him?

Airhead Ashleigh was only nominated by one person, thank you Sara (9/1 to be evicted), but she is a 6/4 favourite in the Big Brother eviction betting and worth consideration for any shortlist of tips to be packing their bags. She entered the house in true Essex girl style, full on fake tan, big blonde hair, enhanced bodywork and minimal clothing. The roots soon started to show though and the fake tan faded so she now looks a distinctly ordinary, horribly pale brunette. Only the breast implants have lasted.

Ashleigh & Ashleigh

Beauty & the beast: The two faces of Ashleigh
. . . but the one minging mouth.

When tasked with not swearing for a day she could not even control her mouth for a minute. After just 59 seconds she uttered an expletive. She appears to have a concentration span slightly shorter than that of a goldfish. When Luke A confided in her that he thought Becky was a fake, she displayed another, less forgivable side of her character. She almost ran inside the house and reported to Becky what he had said. In her defence, we can only assume that had she not rushed to deliver her news she would probably have forgotten what she wanted to say by the time she got there . . . and she nominated Luke A this week for being sneaky.

She is the epitome of the stereotype disdained by those who like Essex girl jokes rather than Essex girls. If she leaves she will find out what Luke S is really like and can ask one of her friends to pour nail varnish remover over his car. The opportunity may come very soon.

Conor the Barbarian, the personal fitness trainer from Derry, deserves to leave but will almost certainly stay and the 14/1 odds for his stay to be cut short reflect that view. He was nominated by Deana and Luke A. His vicious outburst after Deana failed a task was so appalling and sexually explicit that it has not been repeated. Once again, we can only hope that, in the interests of fairness, Big Brother decides to repeat it at some point with plenty of beeps.  Since Conor survived his latest experience as a potential evictee he has made the effort to appear more civilised. It seems unlikely that he will return to Ireland this week.

Reformed gang member and ‘outsider’ Adam should be safe, despite Skidgate.  He was nominated by Luke S and Caroline which must be conclusive proof that he is a basically a decent human being. The house facilities do not run to the provision of a toilet brush and the only criticisms that people can throw at him are about his lavatorial habits and personal hygiene. He has the misfortune to be on Caroline’s hit list. She nominated him before for not flushing the lavatory and was bitching about his use of a fork as if were a shovel shortly before nominations. He appears to be a genuine bloke deserving of a longer stay in the house but his initial reaction to being up for eviction was a worry. He is more likely to leave than his odds suggest.

Fellow ‘outsider’ and Miss India (UK) Deana has been saved by the public before and will be again. The bookies are in no doubt about that and you can back her at 50/1 to get the push on Friday. Her dignified response to being the only housemate not to receive a letter from home (thanks to Ashleigh’s swearing) must have endeared her to viewers. She also brought together the outsiders in prayer on Sunday knowing that only God was more powerful than Big Brother for them at the time and that a miracle (like Big Brother changing the rules on nominations) would be needed to save her and her friends. Fortunately she got one. She will definitely be in for another week.

Gender transition chef Luke A (40/1 for eviction) was heavy odds-on to go last week but was saved by viewers and will almost certainly be again.  Ashleigh, Conor and Becky nominated him this time. He almost deserves to go for not nominating Becky this week though. They had a wonderful confrontation after Ashleigh reported his comments to the rotund one. When Becky raged and shouted how dare he call her a fake his response was admirable. He quietly explained his reasons with a half smile on his face and said he did not care. He deserved a round of applause but the housemates present at the time went quiet. I hope that does not make the viewers go off him.

Sara (9/1 to leave) the Scottish ‘model’ is the favourite within the insiders group for outright victory in the Big Brother betting but she is definitely vulnerable this week. Never the most prominent of housemates on account of the large percentage of time she spends sleeping, she appears to be the most decent and trustworthy of the insider bunch. She is much nicer to Deana than the rest of them but desperately needs to spend more of her time awake. She was nominated by Conor for being lazy and Adam because she picked him as the housemate who was the most difficult to live with. Incidentally she nearly nominated Adam but changed her mind at the last minute and opted for Ashleigh instead. She is a woman of sound judgement if her nominations are any guide but she needs to stay awake more until the evictions on Friday.

Big Brother Eviction Tips Verdict

As always, nothing is certain until Friday’s show but Ashleigh (6/4 to be out) and Luke S (4/1 to get the elbow) seem the most likely candidates for the chop this week.

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