Big Brother Eviction Betting Preview: Shievonne v Conor
Playboy Bunny & Foul-Mouthed Bully in vote off

ShievonneShievonne, the 28-year-old former second-class playmate and Hefner jet hostess from Lewisham is up against her ‘second best friend after Ashleigh’ in the house, Conor. He’s the Irish personal fitness trainer and foul-mouthed bully. It is a tough call this week and they are currently neck and neck in the Big Brother eviction betting. Conor has recently earned himself the nickname of Conor the Conman on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side TV programme.I can’t think why, but he is still a blood-thirsty ‘Conor the barbarian’ too and his black mark for violent and aggressive comments directed at Deana not so long ago surely can’t be forgotten this quickly.

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More recently he has just become a compulsive bitcher and cannot help himself in his compulsion to discuss nominations which is why he is up for eviction this week. When will he learn that Big Brother has changed the rules and will punish rebellious behaviour accordingly?

If he had not been caught by Big Brother discussing evictions with Caroline in the presence of a silent Ashleigh it would probably have been Deana and Becky up for eviction once again. He presumably thought he would get away with a relatively quiet conversation referring to ‘D’ and ‘B’. Talking in code is clearly not his strong point.

His competitiveness has been his undoing and you have to laugh that, if he ends up leaving this week, it will be entirely his own fault.

Last week’s result suggests that the behaviour demonstrated by potential evictees shown in the final programmes prior to eviction are decisive so, after Arron’s largely unforeseen exit, it is probably wise to wait until the last minute before placing your bets on Big Brother Evictions.

As one member of the audience on BB’s Bit On The Side said recently, it is definitely not over until Friday’s programme goes out.  Last week’s result suggests that he is right.

Shievonne is currently the favourite to go by the shortest of margins in the Big Brother eviction betting, but keep watching because anything could happen. The bookies are struggling to split the two of them.

Conor was the hot favourite to go last week for extremely good reasons and looked nailed on to leave until Arron, his ‘bromance’ partner behaved like such a puerile prat that the public must have lost the will to save him. We suspect that the majority of votes are cast in the closing stages.

For Arron, having ‘f*** off Big Brother’ written in  lipstick on his chest just before evictions were scheduled and upping the totally unfunny prank rate were obviously not vote winning moves. He also displayed stunningly sour grapes when Adam decided to get the prankster back, tipping a bucket of extremely smelly stuff on his head. Arron could definitely dish it out but he certainly could not take it.

In case you missed the action, Deana and Becky were up for eviction too.  Deana received the most support from the public and Becky was declared as saved too before the bromance boys, Conor and Arron awaited news of their fate.

For once Deana was extraordinarily animated and exultant in the diary room afterwards, declaring that it had been a triumph of good over evil. She also saluted the wisdom of the voting public – probably a good move.

Conor was in tears after Arron’s departure. That was one genuine relationship. Unlike one other – a friend of Luke S recently appeared on BB’s Bit On The Side saying that he would definitely have preferred Sara but ended up with Ashleigh as he stood no chance with the original object of his desire. We will have to wait and see if the liaison with Ashleigh stands the test of time. Like Deana, I suspect not.

This week’s task ‘Turf Wars’ has provided some pretty interesting viewing and resulted in this week’s nominations. Housemates were asked to pair up with their best friends in the house and the partnerships were deliberately split to form the blue and the green teams.

The green team included Arron, Luke S, Deana, Scott, Becky and Adam whilst Conor, Sara, Luke A, Caroline, Shievonne, Ashleigh and Lauren formed the blues. Various tasks were set that awarded the winning team occupancy of different areas of the house.

The final task was a challenge for the diary room. Luke A and Lauren were clearly less than comfortable with their fellow members of the blue team and wanted to sabotage it. They suspected that only the winning team would be able to nominate and knew that could be disastrous for their ‘outsider’ group friends, especially Adam.

Adam had recently become unpopular as he had had to answer ‘viewers’’ questions in the diary room that were actually chosen and watched by the entire blue team.  The blue team won the task and were to be the only team able to make nominations but Big Brother reversed the result after Conor was caught quietly discussing nominations again. Most of the green team are not Conor fans, so we get another chance to get rid of him.

Shievonne went ballistic after Adam named her (and Caroline) when asked who he thought were the fake people in the house. Fortunately Adam immediately worked out from housemates’ reactions to him that his comments had been observed by not just the viewing public but the blue team. They had been sworn to secrecy about what they had seen and heard.

Shievonne has been ‘off on one’ever since and the tempo has been increased since her nomination for eviction. A new term, the ‘Shievonnologue’ has been coined in BB’s Bit On The Side. Adam has apologised for voicing his opinions and given good reasons for them but there is no appeasing Shievonne. If she carries on moaning incessantly she could be the next to go. People are already bored with her rants.

If she cools down and returns to being a mostly caring human being between now and the hour of eviction she really ought to stay. Conor has been pretty boring, bitchy and obsessed with nominations since his bromance lover, Arron, left. His blue team won the right to nominate, despite Luke A’s futile attempt to sabotage the task but lost it when they were punished by Big Brother for discussing nominations. It was Conor who initiated the nomination conversation. Only the green team (which contained most of his enemies) could nominate so it was no surprise that Deana was spared for once.

Conor really should go if long term behaviour is held in mind by the voting public but this one is a particularly tough call and the eviction odds reflect that.

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Playboy Bunny & Foul-Mouthed Bully in vote off

  1. Jess Snowden July 13, 2012 at 8:26 pm #

    conor is no gentleman….. must go