Big Brother Eviction Betting Preview
Benedict odds-on to be tossed off

In the third round of Big Brother evictions, porn star and former teacher Benedict Garrett goes head to head with student and karate black belt, Lauren Carre.  Ben is the red hot favourite in the Big Brother betting to be the next to leave the house.

Big Brother Eviction Betting

Jerk off? Lauren & Benedict face eviction. The porn star masturbated in the shower & is odds-on to be tossed off . . . the Reality TV show.

With six nominations each, Benedict and Lauren are equally unpopular with fellow housemates. Poor old Ben did not even get to take part in the nominations – not that his vote would have changed anything.

Both of the potential evictees suffer from a severe disadvantage when it comes to forming strong, potentially nomination barring relationships with the other housemates. They both appear to have a brain.

Benedict is too old and too intelligent to fit in with the brat pack of Connor, Luke S and Arron.  Lauren admitted ages ago that girls do not tend to like her.  She was never going to be ‘one of the girls’ in the house and there was some speculation from Essex girl Ashleigh that she might have Luke S in her sights.

Lauren was nominated for being a bit of an outsider whom the brain dead do not understand or feel inclined to trust. She is also seen to be a bit of a moaner with Scott and Becky citing her propensity to complain as a reason for nomination. She has at times attracted criticism for failing to share her cigarette stash too.

It is no surprise that Benedict is the odds on favourite in the Big Brother betting to leave the house on Friday. Yes, he dispensed reproductive fluids in the shower but worse things have happened and he did clean the shower afterwards.  The big mistake was to tell people what he had done and to start preaching about masturbation to the squeamish housemates.

Posh bird Caroline was the most obviously uncomfortable with the news and the subsequent sermon. Even Shievonne nominated him because she said he made other people in the house feel uncomfortable.  The other complete no-no was to use the diary room to give the television viewing public a separate sermon on his views. Oh dear, how does the saying go: ‘No sex please – we’re British’?

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Eviction Betting Odds

Having earned the reputation of the ‘Masturbation Messiah’ on the outside it is fairly predictable that his sermonising more than his misuse of the shower will be his undoing.  He says he will now use the toilet instead.

Unless Lauren uses her karate skills to administer GBH on one of the popular housemates in the time remaining, we reckon he is a worthy favourite in the Big Brother eviction betting and will soon be able to do whatever he wants in the comfort of his own bathroom.