Big Brother Eviction Betting Preview
Round 7: Karate Lauren to give chef Luke A the chop

Big Brother's LaurenLauren Carre, the karate expert looks likely to make mincemeat of chef Luke Anderson in the public vote. A one-time favourite to win Big Brother, likeable Luke A is now the red-hot favourite in the betting to leave the house on Friday. Lauren (pictured) has also been fancied as a likely winner but she is apparently loathed by all but her small group of friends in the house. She received a staggering seven nominations. Everyone except ex Los Angeles gang member Adam, Luke A and Miss India UK, Deana nominated her.

The 31-year-old gender transition ‘man’ Luke A was nominated by just four people. Super cow Caroline nominated him ‘because he makes me feel like a silly little girl’ as well as Lothario Luke S, Big Becky (who is copying Caroline and keen to get in with the ‘insiders’) and Sara, the towering Scot.

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Nominations were brutally announced in the open, face to face, around the camp fire this week.  What camp fire? In case you missed it, the house was given a Wild West themed makeover.  Bales of straw replaced the comfortable sofas in the seating area. The programme producers were probably desperate to keep the housemates awake as half of them seem to spend most of the time asleep. The ‘pandemic of inactivity’ that is sweeping the UK has also taken root in the Big Brother house.

So why is Luke A the firm favourite to be evicted?

His initial reaction to being up for eviction was certainly not encouraging. He broke down in tears in the diary room within minutes. He was obviously feeling the stress of last week’s Turf Wars task. The incidence of expletives in his speech has increased significantly although Conor the Barbarian would still be the chief contributor if they had a swear box.

Stressed or not, Luke A still consistently comes across as a seriously decent guy. He occasionally suffers from bouts of anger but tends simply to leave the room and get over them with a cigarette in the garden rather than letting rip at his often moronic companions.

He is always quick to support his friends when they need it. He was the one who broke the blue/green boundary last week to comfort Adam after he had unwittingly upset former playboy bunny Shievonne. Shievonne was last week’s eviction casualty. If only she had paused for breath and ‘checked herself before she wrecked herself’ Conor the Conman and Barbarian probably would have got the proverbial boot instead.

Returning to Luke A, he even held Caroline’s hand when, as a warden in a Rules related task, he had to supervise her fishing through boxes of unpleasant things to find batteries. She shrieked and cried and made the mother of all fusses but he managed to hold fast, even without the ear plugs that should have been mandatory.

All things considered, Luke A really deserves a medal rather than eviction. He has simply been the victim of the greater numerical strength of the insiders.  Unfortunately for him he is up against a strong contender in the youthful shapely form of Lauren. Older (and he is almost pensionable at 31) housemates have also sadly tended to attract less support than their younger counterparts in this series so far.

What has Lauren done to deserve so many nominations this week?

The short answer is not much. Caroline, the spoilt cow from Surrey has taken a dislike to her and spends every opportunity she can bitching about her. She calls her the ‘Wooden Spoon’ but it is Caroline that takes the top prize for stirring this week. Caroline accuses her of being two faced and fake. Is she? No, Lauren actually plays a pretty straight bat.

Lauren has, in the past, been rightly accused of moaning a lot, especially about food. She is pretty fussy but absolutely loves bacon (it has to be smoked). When her friend and fellow smoker Adam ate the last of the bacon she threw a little tantrum and threatened never to speak to him again. Yes, she can be a bit childish at times but then she is only 20.

She is also a bit of a flirt. She has a great body and is quite happy wandering about in her bikini whenever an opportunity presents itself. That may well be one of the reasons why chubby (and getting chubbier by the minute) Caroline has taken against her.  In the early weeks Lauren herself bewailed that women do not like her.  Essex girl Ashleigh, Luke S’s ‘showmance’ girlfriend, has always seen her as a threat. Unlike Ashleigh she has a functioning brain, can articulate complete sentences and can also cut vegetables. As usual airhead Ashleigh has got it wrong though. According to his brother, the Scottish model Sara is much more Luke S’s type.

Any viewers who happened to be watching when Lauren performed her perfectly executed forward rolls into the Diary Room (it was compulsory as part of the ‘Rules’ task) was left in absolutely no doubt that she is more than happy to be seen with her perfectly toned backside in the air. She just happened to wearing her bikini at the time.

She also enjoys showing off her athleticism to the boys. When she strategically chose to do the splits against the wall but in Adam’s direction he was rendered unable to move without embarrassment by his physical reaction to the spectacle. Luke A also witnessed Lauren’s moves but he is not far enough advanced on his path to full manhood to suffer the same inconvenient symptoms.  Ironically he was hoping to spend the money if he won Big Brother on an operation to help complete his transformation.

In the bitchiest week to date, evil seems to have triumphed over good. In a house full of manipulative miscreants, two decent people face the public vote. Luke A definitely deserves to stay the distance but seems the most likely to go.

The insiders seem to have seized the overwhelming advantage. We can just look forward to their leader, Luke S, squirming now that he has been exposed to viewers as a love rat.

If Luke A goes, as the bookies’ betting predicts he will, he will probably seek solace in having sole charge of the shopping list.