Big Brother Eviction 5:
Conor the Barbarian odds-on to go

It is a four way contest this week but, if the viewers have any sense of decency, Conor McIntyre, the personal fitness trainer from Derry, deserves his position as the hot favourite at around 1/2 in the Big Brother Eviction betting to get booted out of the house on Friday.

Big Brother Eviction betting Favourite

Conor: Big Bro bully is eviction favourite

Conor’s incredibly crude and cruel comments about Deana last week were unforgivable and earned him a formal warning from Big Brother. His girlfriend and family must have felt anything but proud of him when he threatened to hit her and thrust electrical appliances into places that do not bear mentioning. In case you missed it, all she did to provoke his anger was fail to complete a relatively easy eating task and let down the team.

His comments and language understandably provoked nearly a thousand complaints but well done Big Brother for showing them.  Viewers need to know what a truly appalling sub-human being lurks below the thin veneer of boyish charm.

Conor made no effort to disguise his feelings of delight when Deana’s name was called out for potential eviction this week. His smug smile turned to shock when he heard his best friend Arron’s name read out and to horror when he finally heard his own.

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That unforgettable outburst apart, he has also emerged as a foul mouthed, fully fledged bully that needs to be carefully controlled. He has obviously spent far more time developing his body than his mind. His grasp of the English language appears to be severely limited. Expletives are now his most frequently used adjectives and he thought that ‘tactile’ meant inclined to use tactics (doesn’t it? – Ed). The less than intellectual posh cow, Caroline, had to point out to him what tactile actually meant. Come back Benedict (the porn star and teacher), all is forgiven. To be fair Conor is not alone in needing help on the education front. Essex girl Ashleigh, Luke S’s moll, had absolutely no idea that chickens came from eggs (do they? – The Easter Bunny).

Returning to Conor, he is also selfish and sectarian. When left in sole charge of the shopping list for the house he squandered £100 on protein powder for the boys and a similar amount on football related items. He had scant regard for the needs of the smokers and bought a totally inadequate supply of cigarettes for them. Their stocks had been sacrificed to gain points for the house shopping budget. Arron had cut up their cigarettes whilst Conor had obviously enjoyed the spectacle of the distraught nicotine addicts. Lauren was understandably less than amused.

When the table football bought by Conor was confiscated as a punishment for Deana and Scott’s nomination discussion, he was absolutely furious and let loose a barrage of expletives. When Scott retorted that ‘it was only a table’ his angered heightened. This is one football fan that we can definitely imagine behaving like the archetypal hooligan. Since the nomination news he has predictably been less than gracious, threatening to stir some s**t and voicing his dislike of Deana, Becky, Scott and Sara to his partner in crime, Arron.

Arron is officially the least popular person with housemates this week, receiving five nominations whilst Becky, Conor and Deana attracted four. This is his second potential eviction experience. The public saved him when he and the squeaky voiced bouncer, Chris James, were on the hit list. Deana described him as Conor’s lap dog in her explanation for nominating him. For once she was absolutely right. The puerile prankster tends to follow him around if the top ranking alpha male of the ‘insider’ group, Luke S, is too busy focusing on his floozie, Ashleigh to provide direction for him.

Attempting to emulate the exploits of Luke S, Arron has dared to voice his physical attraction to fellow model Sara, the statuesque Scot, this week. We can safely assume it is unreciprocated as she nominated him and Conor for eviction after Big Brother told her that stealing and defacing Scott’s beloved statue was not a secret task but a prank.

So what has Becky, the second favourite in the Big Brother eviction betting, done to deserve nomination? In the past week we have seen Becky buckle under the pressure of life in the house. She has made a few comments which have done little to endear her to the girls. Suggesting to Sara that Arron was only after her because she was the best looking girl in the house probably did not help her cause.  Some housemates have also clocked her as a bit of an actress and stirrer.

For viewers there was something sinister and slightly surreal about the site of her singing to her chicken nuggets as she eyed them greedily in the oven. The child catcher in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang came to mind. When Deana asked her if she worried about her weight her answer was conclusive. She did not give a s**t about it saying that you could die tomorrow and that it is better to die happy than go around dieting.

Having reached such a substantial size at the tender age of nineteen it is probably just as well that she is not too bothered about longevity. Anyone aware of the health issues associated with her scale of obesity would warn that tomorrow could possibly come sooner than she expects.

Miss India UK (do what? – Ed), Deana, was an absolute certainty for nomination again this week. Having survived her head to head with super bitch Lydia in the last eviction she said she would start saying what she thought.  She has been true to her word and has succeeded in adding to her list of enemies or at least strengthening their resolve against her.

Luke S taunted her in the bedroom about her attitude to money, asking if she would rather receive £50 worth of flowers or the cash. She admitted to preferring the money. The conversation continued along similar lines until she realised that Luke S was trying to make her look mercenary and she left the room to join other housemates in the garden.  Her subsequent comments about Luke S included suggesting that his relationship with Ashleigh was totally fake.  Other people had thought it but she actually said the words. It was not a great strategic move.

Big Ears Becky somehow overheard her comments from the bedroom and immediately relayed them to members of the ‘insider’ group.

If Deana survives this eviction as the betting market suggests, she can probably count on nominations next week from Luke S and Ashleigh.

Fortunately for Deana if Conor the Barbarian gets the boot this week that will at least mean one less nomination for her next time.

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