Big Brother: Airhead Essex Girl Certainty For Eviction In Betting


Ashleigh’s two faces: The airhead Essex-girl hadn’t had sex for “ages” . . . three weeks

Ashleigh the airhead from Essex is an absolutely certainty to leave the house on Friday night. It is no surprise that she is the bookies’ red hot favourite to go but she will not be the only one to be evicted.

On Tuesday night’s Big Brother’s Bit On The Side it was exclusively (and predictably) revealed that it will be a double eviction this week.

While you can safely lump on Ashleigh for a very small return at best odds of 1/4 to go in this week’s Big Brother eviction betting, the challenge is to predict the second evictee.

There are three other housemates to choose from. Eviction regular Deana, Miss India (UK), former Los Angeles gang member Adam and eviction debutant, the pseudo posh boy Scott.

Scott is the least popular with his fellow housemates this week, receiving four nominations. The others received three each. Sadly we are denied the perfect double departure as Lothario Luke S was excluded from potential nomination. He won a guaranteed place in the final for outstaying Conor the Barbarian in the White Room.

Conor left the house last week a very happy and much wealthier man. He conned Luke S and decided to push the red button in the White Room and left the house with £50,000 in cash. That £50,000 will be deducted from the winner’s prize fund so now they are competing for half the original prize money.

Luke S will be joined by Luke A and Sara in the final. Luke A received just one nomination and nobody named Sara.

Why is Ashleigh nailed on to go?

Ashleigh was recently described as a ‘disgusting, stupid little rat’ and as ‘selfish and two faced’ by Deana. It was not a bad summary. Ashleigh is also an excruciating example of the basest form of the female of the species that is typically found inhabiting Essex.

You could possibly forgive her unbelievable ignorance and completely foul mouth if she had any redeeming features. She does not. She is certainly not ‘a tart with a heart’ and she is definitely a tart.

Ashleigh’s ‘boyfriend’ Luke S was a bit shocked when he viewed her introductory video in the house this week. She said that she was ‘single and looking to mingle’ as she had not had sex for ages. Three weeks to be precise. Luke S went to the Diary Room soon afterwards to say that three weeks was not ‘ages’. He is obviously not as successful with women as he would like us to believe from his introductory video.

Ashleigh’s character is so endearing that she has been pulled up by Big Brother for her bitching. She admits to having a ‘brutal’ mouth. She has even publicly taunted Luke S about the size of his reproductive equipment. Apparently real men with full size appendages do not sit with their legs crossed. She admitted to preferring the non leg crossing Conor when she entered the house.

Ashleigh wants to use her Big Brother appearance as a platform to become a glamour model. She is probably looking to reclaim the money she spent on her double D boob job.  Once the eviction interviews are over we can only hope that we never have to hear her horrible voice again.

Why does Scott suddenly find himself in danger?

It was a big shock to the majority of viewers to see Scott up for eviction for the first time. Sara claimed that she had suddenly seen a bitchy side to him whilst Luke A and Adam said that they were unimpressed that he failed to help with the recent mass clean up of the house.  Deana said he had made no effort to talk to her until Becky and Conor left the house. The truth is that the ‘outsiders’ (Luke A, Adam and Deana) wrongly suspect him of being two faced.

Poor Scott. His aristocratic accent may be totally manufactured (the rest of his family sound like typical residents of Macclesfield) but he has actually played a fairly straight bat throughout his stay in the house. He has floated his way into the final week, never fully subscribing to the ‘insiders‘. He even managed to hang out with Caroline and Becky without getting sucked into their bitching. He is wonderfully camp and has consistently provided viewers with entertainment.  When he got annoyed with Aaron after he had stolen and defaced his statue he famously called him a rapscallion to his face. Unlike the majority of housemates Scott has a decent vocabulary and rarely swears. As he has never been up for eviction we can only guess at the level of support he will generate from the voting public.

What are Adam’s chances of reaching the final?

Adam was nominated by Scott, Sara and Ashleigh this week for pretty tenuous reasons. Adam’s experience of prison in America has stood him in very good stead in the Big Brother house. He has managed to keep his cool as well as anyone and has consistently performed well for the team in tasks.

This mountain of a man was prepared to stand on a box for as long as was necessary to win a 50 inch television.  He is very focused on winning and has done very little wrong. He has admitted to lusting after some of the girls in the house and has been pulled up in the past for failing to clean up after himself. Unlike Scott he was an active member of the clean up team. Adam has been saved before by the public and as a member of the ‘outsiders’ group may well be saved again.

Will the public save Deana again?

Now that her arch enemy Conor has exited the house with a briefcase full of cash, Deana has really come out of her shell. It probably helps that she no longer feels the need to avoid whichever room Conor is in. After ten rounds, why have the housemates not realised that nominating her is a total waste of time?  Ashleigh, Luke S and Scott nominated her. She is currently the joint-favourite in the betting with Luke A to win Big Brother.

It is no surprise that Luke S nominated her. After just two drinks at a cocktail party a distinctly drunken Deana did keep mentioning the red button incident to Luke S, repeating that he should have pressed the button more quickly. Not the best display of sensitivity since she entered the house. When she asked Luke A afterwards if she was compassionate, even he said ‘Yes, when you’re not drunk’. The next morning Deana apologised to Luke S but then continued to taunt him about his ‘golden ticket’ to the final.

Will her staunch supporters be put off by her new modus operandi?  A few of them may be but she still has to be the most likely housemate to escape eviction.

Big Brother Betting Verdict

Ashleigh (1/4 in the odds) is definitely going to be shown the door this week and Deana seems set to stay but it is difficult to choose between Scott (6/1 to go) and Adam (12/1 to be evicted). Adam is thoroughly decent but Scott has been a much more entertaining housemate.  Nothing is decided until Friday’s show goes out but Scott is our second pick to leave on Friday.

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