Big Brother Betting Tips & Preview

If you have been watching Big Brother then you have seen about as much of the housemates as the bookies have. The point here is that their betting odds are a rough guess at how the reality TV show will pan out. So if you reckon you have spotted a potential winner already you may be several steps ahead of those pesky bookmakers.

The odds makers can only go on who appears a decent sort now combined with an analysis of the character traits of past winners. Invariably the winner of Big Brother will be a nice person. So it may be more about ruling housemates out on account of particular dislikeable personality traits and then seeing who is left to choose from.

At this early stage we are all a bit clueless but the bookies betting had plumped for Luke Anderson as the favourite at around 5/1. Luke Anderson (so named because there is another Luke in the house) was a girl until four years ago but has changed gender to a boy. His is married to a woman, who was born female we assume.

That was until late arrival Becky (aka: Rebecca) turned up and the layers did an about turn, reckoning they had found a strong favourite to win the show. Outgoing and large, Rebecca went straight to the top of the market at odds ranging from 5/2 to 5/1.

Benedict is vying for favouritism at around 6/1. He is an apparently intelligent ex-teacher and model who may appeal to the viewing public. Oh, and he is also a porn star.

Caroline, fancied in the Big Brother Betting

Caroline: An 8/1 shot but will the public vote for a posh bird?

The first girl in the betting at around 8/1 is Caroline. She is a posh girl from Surrey and the youngest on the show at just 20. She gets pocket-money from her parents and says she is a bit of a loser who becomes a social embarrassment when in the company of boys. She is short odds because she is honest and easy to relate to, especially to the geeks among us. However the fact she is so posh is bound to put a large section of this class conscious, envious and embittered society off. But that is just our view. Will a posh bird really fly?

Another young girl is Lauren at around 11/1 in the Big Brother betting. She is a gymnastics star who also has a black belt in Karate. She seems to be quite intelligent and confident. A pretty blonde girl, she has quite a few positive attributes and could go a long way in the process.

Conor seems to be quite short in the odds at 12/1. He is an arrogant young man who reckons he is very good looking. He has the Irish accent to help him along and will appeal to a large section of the voting public, but his slight lack of humility may count against him in the long run.

Chris is a fat bouncer with a squeaky voice who says he works out all the time. He is also a bailiff. You get the picture. Some seem to think the 21-year-old does have a very likeable way about him that the public will tap into. He is as large as 12/1 to win this freak show and he certainly fits in.

You can see that even some of the housemates at quite short odds are carrying the type of baggage designed to attract and alienate the public in equal measure. If you think you can spot the winner already then take a look at the Big Brother Betting and have yourself a wager to spice up the action ahead. Feel free to tell us your thoughts by leaving a comment on this page.