Big Brother Betting Update & Tips At Halfway Stage

Now that we have reached halfway, there is still money to be made on Big Brother betting before the odds move to reflect the reality inside the house. 

The recent nominations have shown the overwhelming strength of the ‘insiders’ group. Ever since Conor the Barbarian built bridges with the floaters, Big Becky and posh boy Scott, allowing them to join the dominant group, the insiders appear absolutely nailed on to be the source of the majority of finalists.  Their strength in numbers – there are now seven of them – will simply enable them to pick off the outsiders in the nominations, one by one, over the coming weeks.

The four ‘outsiders’, ex gang member Adam, karate queen Lauren, likeable chef Luke A (aka the ‘Three Musketeers’) and Miss India (UK) Deana, will soon become just three. The voting public can only save one person each week so it looks likely that only one outsider can make it into the final.

Deana, Luke A and Lauren all realised that their days were numbered when they saw the insiders’ voting patterns, face to face, round the camp fire in the seventh nomination session. Their only hope is for a split within the group and that nominations will be less firmly set along ‘party’ lines when they return to the privacy of the Diary Room.

The Outsiders – all but one appears to be doomed…

Deana 2/1, Miss India (UK), seems well liked by the public, surviving all potential eviction attempts with a substantial share of the viewers’ votes so far.  A fundamentally decent character, she has deserved their support. She has been the source of Conor the Barbarian’s malice from day one and has attracted an x-rated tirade of abuse from him. Viewers presumably felt sorry for her at the time but many must have forgotten as Conor has survived potential eviction twice since. She stands zero chance of joining the insiders while he is in the house. Initially appearing to be dozy and in a world of her own, she seems finally to be grasping the fundamentals of the game and has said that she will now be a tigress. Not long ago she was likened to a kitten thrown into a high security prison.

Adam 4/1, the reformed Los Angeles gang member, is an all round good bloke and true team player. He has stoically downed a bottle of cow’s pee and chomped his way through a raw onion (and he hates onions), all for the good of the house. Unlike fellow Alpha male Luke S, he has been tricked by Big Brother and survived untarnished.

Perhaps his experience in gangland has enabled him to cope with the back stabbing, high pressure environment better than most? He has so far managed to keep his cool but he is unlikely ever to be accepted by the insiders.  Immaturity seems to be a condition of entry and he is an extremely mature 27-year-old.  Super cow Caroline also dislikes him. If he becomes the subject of her ‘bitch broadcast’ he will be up for eviction sooner rather than later.

Lauren 5/1, the criminology student from Jersey and karate black belt was unquestionably the least popular with the housemates at the halfway stage and found herself up for eviction. Caroline had successfully bitch broadcasted about her, heartily backed up by Becky.  Lauren, 20, does occasionally shoot herself in the foot by moaning about food – she has a thing about bacon and ketchup. She probably does a little too much prancing in her bikini to gain the sympathy of female viewers too. Is it partly envy of her athletic figure that has attracted Caroline’s wrath?  If she survives her latest potential eviction, expect her to be up again immediately. She will struggle without Luke A in the house and cannot be one for the shortlist.

Luke A 9/1, the likeable chef is an admirable human being who is nonetheless destined to leave the house very shortly.  He was a worthy favourite in the early stages but the current dynamics within the house give him little chance of survival.  He will have to find another method of funding the next round of his gender transition as the Big Brother prize looks well beyond his grasp.

The Insiders – take a good look to find the gems within this lot

Sara 6/1, the statuesque Scottish model has recently shortened in the betting from 9/1. She has voiced her fears about being ‘an extra’ because she does not say or do much. Such was her level of activity that she barely made the cut into any of the early programmes. She only rose from her bed for food, tasks and the occasional cigarette. She will definitely need to raise her profile to stand any chance of winning and has already started. She does have something of interest to say and is more of an upfront person than a backstabber so there is definitely hope for her.  Possibly the most decent insider, she has to be seriously considered if she stays awake long enough.

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Luke S 16/1, the 24-year-old nightclub promoter seriously fancied himself and his chances on entering the house. Now that the Lothario leader of the insiders has been exposed as a total love rat, his chances must be all but gone. Somehow Big Brother guessed that his vanity was his Achilles heel and he fell for an approach by ‘media executives’.  He could have survived appearing a total prat, posing bare chested for a cringe-worthy calendar but he made the massive mistake of saying that ‘it’ (his ‘relationship’ with Ashleigh) would not last and that lots about her irritated him. Whoops!  We should forget about him now as should Ashleigh when she finds out.

Scott 20/1, the languorous Lord Fauntleroy is naturally entertaining, appears to have a brain and is not nearly as bitchy as the majority of the pack. He has the good fortune of appearing hilarious even when angry. Being gay has not been a problem for contestants in the past but having an upper class accent is a massive disadvantage. Can he overcome it in this company?  I would not be surprised to see him reach the final and he is tempting at this price.

Ashleigh 30/1, the archetypal Essex girl is currently the ‘girlfriend’ of Luke S. She does not yet know it is a ‘showmance’. Expect a surge of sympathy if he is exposed. She is a complete airhead and consequently incapable of scheming which is probably to her advantage in this company.  She is no saint either though and had no qualms about consuming a snaffled bottle of wine that should have been shared by the house. She ought to be a no-hoper but anything could happen.

Conor 25/1, the personal fitness trainer and Irish bully boy can be foul mouthed and foul tempered. The 24-year-old thug has recently made an effort to appear more civilised, making strategic alliances in the hope of reaching the final.  He once said that he would hit Deana and threatened a sexual assault on her with hair appliances.  His rant provoked so many complaints that Big Brother will probably never show it again. He has survived two evictions since so viewers need to be reminded. Enough of them should remember to give him no chance of winning.

Becky 33/1, the big girl from Blackburn is extremely unfancied for more reasons than one. The19-year-old burst into the house as a larger than life figure but her entertainment value has reached an all time low. She has sunk into the Caroline-created bog of bitching and appears to be terminally two-faced. She may have wheedled her way into the insiders but surely cannot win.

Caroline 66/1, the 20-year-old posh cow and spoilt brat from Surrey has horrified more than her parents since joining the house. Her initial charm has evaporated and her mouth is the only part of her body regularly seen to move now.  She has become a malicious, manipulative bitch and bully. She has been officially cautioned for calling Adam ‘a gorilla’ and has even been called to the Diary Room about her bitching. She says she is always particularly bitchy when feeling fat.  When will one of her ‘friends’ tell her that moving around and eating less might help? She was an early favourite in the Big Brother betting but has sunk to the bottom of the bookmakers’ lists for good reason. Having apparently ‘apologetic’ crying sessions in the Diary Room isn’t going to fool anyone. She said she was a bit of a loser when she entered the house. She was right.

Big Brother Halfway Stage Betting Verdict

Deana currently seems to be the most likely survivor of the outsiders but she does not provide any value at her current price. Sara (6/1) and 20/1 longshot Scott are definitely worth a wager in the outright winner market.

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