Big Brother Betting Tips: Big Becky odds-on for eviction

Blackburn’s Becky and Essex girl Ashleigh are the favourites to go in the Big Brother eviction betting this week.  Gender transition ‘man’ Luke A and Deana are at the mercy of the public vote once again too but both seem pretty unlikely to be shown the door.

This week Big Brother decided to change the nomination process again. The housemates were spared the usual trip to the Diary Room as their friends and family were summoned to do the nominating instead.  Luke A received five nominations, all from connections of insiders. Deana, Ashleigh and Becky received three nominations each.

The best part of the new twist was that housemates were able to watch their loved ones nominating and giving reasons for their choices. Sensitive Scott was in tears after Sara’s mother nominated him as a ‘rapscallion’ and ‘forgettable character’.

So why is Becky one of the betting favourites to be evicted?

Big Becky tucks into a pre-lunch snack

Becky, 19, may have been voted into the Big Brother house by the public but they are unlikely to save her this week. Her entertainment value plummeted fairly shortly after her dramatic late entrance into the house.  Over the past two weeks there has been little to like about her antics.

Adam’s mother hit the nail on the head when she said Becky spread poison in the house. She probably doesn’t know that she pollutes the atmosphere too with her persistent flatulence. Others mentioned her propensity for stirring and that she was a fake and an actress. Stirring is obviously a family trait. Her sister managed to include an impressive number of incendiary remarks in her reasons for nominating Luke A and Deana.

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The only consistent feature of Becky’s character is her permanent fixation with food. When supplies looked to be running short she even stole some and stashed it under her bed. We hope there are no mice or ants in the Big Brother house. She deliberately ‘fell’ off her box first in the standing challenge purely so she could dash off and stuff her face with stolen hot dogs unobserved.

Big Brother is possibly concerned about her health, recently setting her the task of spending an hour on an exercise bicycle.  She could not make it without a mid-cycle helping of Frosties fed to her by Scott. If she leaves this week the pressure on food supplies will be disproportionately reduced.

Why is airhead Ashleigh also at risk of leaving?

The once attractive Ashleigh has transformed from a blonde bombshell to a bag lady. Her mouth is covered in cold sores and she wears her now mousy brown hair in styles that display her sticking-out ears. Looks are not everything but Ashleigh has never been easy on the ear either. She is a housemate who makes viewers reach for the mute button as soon as she opens her mouth.  She has a horrible voice, talks complete rubbish and uses expletives rather than adjectives.

She is a walking cliché and continues to reinforce the worst Essex girl stereotypes. The girl who had no idea that chicken came from eggs is completely clueless about vegetables too. When asked by Luke A to prepare the cauliflower for the roast dinner prize she actually picked up the broccoli. Luke A was remarkably polite “Er, that’s broccoli by the way”.

In conversation at the formal dinner party, she seemed utterly convinced that blind people can see in the dark. It took three other housemates to explain that the blind have heightened other senses that enable them to cope better than sighted people in the dark. Her ignorance is excruciating rather than endearing.

Ever thoughtful and considerate of others, Ashleigh had no qualms about quaffing stolen wine a couple of week ago and was in cahoots with super cow Caroline when she sabotaged the shopping list. The only items purchased were chocolate and biscuits. When Adam persuaded Big Brother to provide a packet of cigarettes and some tobacco, Ashleigh threw a massive tantrum because he was understandably unwilling to share them with her as she was party to Caroline’s plans.

In a girls’ sleepover party Ashleigh bitched about her ‘boyfriend’ Lothario Luke S saying that he smelled of onions. She has previously been warned by Big Brother about her bitching and admits to having a brutal mouth.  She is a worthy second favourite to go.

Luke A continues to be one of the more likeable housemates and is very unlikely to be reunited with his wife this week. He was visibly upset after being accused of being sneaky and having a game plan by the people that nominated him. Yes, he is competitive. In the standing on a box challenge he was determined to outlast Luke S and succeeded.  Being competitive is not a crime.

He has dropped a bit of a clanger recently, saying that Becky respects him as much as her BMI. Becky has said before that life is too short for dieting so what is the big deal?  She is deliberately overreacting to the comment that was relayed to everyone by her stirring sister.

Deana is understandably the biggest priced outsider to leave the Big Brother house this week. She has managed to maintain her dignity throughout her stay and accepted her nomination this week with her customary aplomb.

She has been accused of being lazy in the nominations but has assumed a very active, motivational role within the outsiders. She refers to them as soldiers as it is ‘battle’ in the house. She has demonstrated impressive determination this week. You have to respect someone who can endure over 12 hours standing on top of a box. She not only outlasted all of the girls by a massive margin but also kept going longer than Luke S.

In an effort to cheer up fellow potential evictee Luke A she also showed a considerable talent for impersonation mimicking Ashleigh. She might be dozy at times but since she has come out of her shell she definitely is not boring.

Big Brother Betting verdict

Ashleigh and Becky are the favourites in the Big Brother betting for eviction for very good reasons but Becky has to be the one to get the boot this week.

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