Big Brother Betting – The Final Five, who will win?


Deana: Most nominated but likely to win Final

Adam, Deana, Luke A, Luke S, and Sara are confirmed as the five finalists but who is likely to win the ultimate Big Brother prize in Monday night? Choosing the winner in the Big Brother betting is not an easy task. The two favourites, Luke A and Deana, appear to have the strongest claims but let’s run through the field.

Adam, the former Los Angeles gang member, survived potential eviction on Friday but he is definitely going to be up against it in the final. Yes, he is a member of the more popular ‘outsiders’ group and is a thoroughly solid (in more ways than one) human being. He has successfully turned his life around, progressing from being involved in a notorious, hard core criminal gang to making a positive difference to people’s lives.

He has hardly put a foot wrong since joining the house and has shown impressive resilience in both team and individual tasks. Anyone who can down a bottle of bovine urine without complaint deserves respect. Unlike some of the other male housemates, he does not do the false bravado thing. He admitted to feeling nervous about eviction (Deana told him to ‘man up’). His own nominations have consistently been well reasoned.

So why doesn’t he stand much chance of winning?  He certainly deserves to win just as much as his fellow ‘outsiders’ (Deana and Luke A) in the final but there is no justice in the Big Brother house. If there were, Conor the Barbarian would not have left of his own accord with £50K. The trouble is that Adam simply does not conform to the general (and consistent) profile of Big Brother winners. Yes, he is a genuinely nice guy but overweight, unattractive people simply do not tend to win. The good news is that Adam will not leave empty handed. At least he will have the large screen television that he won for standing on a box longer than anyone else as a memento.

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If attractive people have an advantage surely that means that Sara, the statuesque Scot stands a good chance? Definitely not. Sara may have been a successful beauty queen but she spent most of the first few weeks asleep in her bed and does not appear to have a winning personality.

We know that she is a massive royalist and has strong views on subjects such as politics but she does not exactly have a wealth of knowledge to support those views. When chatting with Scott in their mind-numbing task as security guards in the ‘museum’ she dropped enough clangers to alienate half the population when talking about how much public sector workers were paid.  She also tends to sound aggressive when anyone counters or questions her views – remember when Deana asked her to clarify her reasons for her political views?

Sara does deserve to be in the final. She did not get sucked into the maelstrom of bitching that enveloped the house and has nominated for decent reasons rather than sticking firmly to party (insider) lines. She was one of the few people who would talk to Deana when she was definitely persona non grata to the insiders. Most significantly, she nominated pseudo posh boy Scott this week and then made a massive fuss about how upset she was after his departure in the Diary Room. Bad move. Sara is an outsider in the Big Brother betting for good reason.

Lothario Luke S might be seen as attractive by those who do not mind terminally arrogant, vertically challenged men but he is the biggest no hoper of the lot. He would probably not have got to the final without the guaranteed ticket he accidentally won after Conor conned him in the White Room. His blatant self love ‘men want to be me and women want to be with me’ is not mirrored by the viewing public. Three weeks ago he found himself in the final two of eight potential evictees. Only the poisonous posh cow Caroline was less popular than him.

When his ‘girlfriend’ the appalling Ashleigh from Essex was evicted on Friday, his most excruciating moments in front of pseudo media executives were shown three times on both the live eviction show and Big Brother’s Bit On The Side. Just in case you missed it, the insincerity of his intentions towards Ashleigh were made crystal clear. He was definitely up for an appearance on The Bachelor rather than a meaningful relationship with Ashleigh outside the house. His chances of enjoying the physical side of life with Ashleigh away from the all seeing cameras have probably dwindled to zero too. Luke S is a loser in more ways than one. He will leave with nothing.

Luke A, the perennially likeable chef is a serious contender for the top prize. His reasons for wanting to win might help his cause too. He needs the money to fund further progress on his gender transition. He has quite a way to go before he reaches the maximum level of manhood that modern science can deliver to someone who was born a woman. We can be sure that his wife will definitely be crossing her fingers and getting all her mates to vote for him.

Unlike Luke S, Luke A is anything but arrogant. He is understandably physically insecure and has admitted to being envious of the muscle bound (but brain deficient) protein powder junkies of the insider group. He has appeared genuine throughout Big Brother and almost deserves to win for the way he stood up to Big Becky when she confronted him for calling her a fake. With a smile on his face he said he could say what he liked. It would be no surprise if he succeeded to gain further funding.

Deana, Miss India (UK) and the most nominated housemate (with a staggering 33 nominations!) is the other favourite in the bookies odds. The public have saved her more times than most of us can count. Although a little lazy on the domestic front and terminally untidy (she has servants to clear up after her in India) she can be incredibly determined. She was dodging snipers from day one. She was tasked with nominating three housemates within hours of entering the house and was not forgiven by some of them. Conor, the most odious of all the housemates, nominated her every single week because she nominated him in her initial selection and they did not get on.

She was initially viewed by housemates as being detached and in a dream world. Conor’s obvious (serious understatement) hatred for her led to her spending the majority of the time outside, away from him with the smokers in the garden (hence the term the ‘outsiders’). Since her arch enemies have left she has been able to inhabit the inside of the house and has not held back in taunting the surviving core insider, Luke S. Her transition from the victim to the aggressor has led to a significant drift in the betting. If she carries on taunting him about his poor choice of friends, Conor really did con him, will her public stay loyal? Why not? They have invested quite a lot in her over the past ten weeks and you cannot blame her for getting her own back. She has led ‘the soldiers’ (the outsiders) in prayer and shown tremendous inner strength.

Deana and Luke A are the only serious contenders for the top prize and, although Deana will simply put the money in the bank, she is the most likely finalist to deliver for punters.

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