1st Elimination: Im A Celebrity Eviction Betting Tips & Preview

Nadine Dorries

Dorries: Truant MP 7/4 fav to be 1st Elimination

The I’m A Celebrity betting has been shaken up by the premature departure of the early favourite, TV personality Brian Conley. He has suddenly vanished from our screens for ‘medical reasons.’

No details of his condition have been forthcoming so we suspect his problems might not be entirely physical. He looked anything but ill on Sunday but had obviously been struggling with the mental pressures of jungle life.

Brian tried to be the camp diplomat after the late arrival, chef Rosemary Shrager, admitted to boxing champion David Haye, that she didn’t like his sport. Brian’s efforts backfired and he unwittingly incurred the displeasure of some of his campmates.

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Displeasure is not an easy thing to deal with if you are a comedian who is more accustomed to making people laugh. Brian also broke down and cried after a confrontation with David when he kicked some logs from the fire. It does not take much to get upset when you are in the jungle but enough about Brian as the one-time favourite to win the show is now history.

Let’s have a look at the performance of the survivors to find an I’m A Celebrity elimination betting tip instead. Who will be evicted?

Made In Chelsea star Hugo Taylor (9/2 to be eliminated with SkyBet & Coral) is second  favourite to be the first jungle evictee.

He is unlikely to go anywhere just yet. He might not be the most popular person with the public but, unlike many of the celebrities, he has provided plenty of entertainment.  Apart from anything else, he has been the butt of some of the most humorous comments.

One of the commentators on the spin off show, I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Now, has described him as a posh giraffe. He does have quite a long neck and he did go to Harrow.

Former winner, Joe Swash quite likes him but thinks he is ‘a bit damp’. He meant totally wet – and he is. Wimps can make for great viewing in the jungle though.

Hugo has at least been true to his word – he said that he would probably break down and cry at least once before he entered the jungle. He has exceeded his own expectations and has been in tears three times already, particularly embarrassing as the jungle is not exactly awash with tissues.

You cannot blame poor Hugo for being despondent after having to face the jungle Superman, David Haye in a couple of trials when the celebrities were split into rival camps. At least skinny little Hugo was man enough to volunteer to do his bit for the former residents of Snake Rock.

Eric Bristow

Eric Bristow: top price of 6/1 to win the show

His fellow Snake Rock campmates were even less well equipped to do battle than he was. Former Doctor Who Colin Baker was so unfit that he had to sit down more than once on the hike in search of the helicopter. It also seemed unlikely that darts legend Eric Bristow would achieve much without stopping for a fag.

Of course Hugo lost to the Haymaker but he did do his best and only broke down in tears after trials – unlike Coronation Street star, Helen Flanagan.  She has been responsible for the most rigorous weight loss regime ever seen on I’m A Celebrity.

Colin Baker has been the principle beneficiary of her four failures to secure a single meal in bush tucker trials. He went into the jungle with weight loss in mind and is looking less like Buddha already.

Hugo’s presence has also revealed the inverted snobbery of Eric Bristow. Eric does not believe that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He thinks that he was born with a “gold spoon up his arse.”

If that sounds harsh, remember that after Helen failed to provide a single meal for her campmates after three trials, Eric said that if his 19-year-old son behaved like her that he would hang him. Despite that, Bristow, who was our early tip for outright victory, is now third favourite at biggest odds of 6/1 (Bet365, Ladbrokes) to become king of the jungle.

The favourite to get the boot at 7/4 (Bet365, SkyBet) is the truant playing Conservative MP, Nadine Dorries.  She lacks humour and, now that the camp has actually acquired some food, there is little chance of her being starved to death. Tory hating sadists must be feeling disappointed.

She said that she was feisty and thought that the Australian jungle would be nothing compared with the ‘jungle’ of Westminster. Yes, there are more snakes in the grass in the halls of Westminster than anywhere else in the country but it is really no comparison.

Nadine has been suspended from the party for publicly playing truant when parliament is sitting. She has not emerged with much credit since entering the jungle either. She took charge of the Snake Rock crew when rowing to camp. She just appeared to be very bossy and less than effective when rowing backwards and shouting instructions. The boat sank.

In her first bush tucker trial she failed to stay in a coffin full of bugs long enough to earn any food for her Snake Rock campmates.

She did manage to beat Crock Creek’s Helen Flanagan in a bush tucker trial which involved eating nasties including spiders, camel toes and other things too horrible to mention. There is little credit in beating such incredibly feeble opposition.

If she does not achieve immunity in one of the tasks, she looks extremely vulnerable. Whatever public she had prior to entering the jungle will probably be less than impressed with her shameless self promotion and defection from duty.

The bookmakers think that Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts (11/2 for eviction with Bet365 & SkyBet) with Paddy Power may also be at risk. Departure looks unlikely. Some people like the Pussycat Dolls. Who likes Nadine Dorries?

Ashley has performed well from day one when she took control of the sat nav for Snake Rock. Since then she has managed to maintain good humour in the face of starvation and has acquired the affections of Joe Swash.

She may not have Helen Flanagan’s obvious physical assets but she is relatively level headed, a true team player and even looks ok without make-up.  Both women and men are likely to like her.

Ashley has been a positive influence on the group, even though she struggles to understand English sometimes (especially Eric’s) but she is an American.

Recently she was seen teaching Colin Baker and Rosemary Shrager the dance routine to one of the Pussycat Dolls’ hits. No other celebs volunteered for tuition. It was worth watching. Colin Baker and Rosemary Shrager look to be very likeable good sports that are set for a much longer stay in the jungle.

  • Our I’m A Celebrity 1st elimination betting tip: It has to be for Nadine Dorries (7/4 for eviction with Bet365 or SkyBet) to be the first to experience the joys of civilisation.

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