Free Sports Betting Tips provides free betting tips. The place to find our predictions is on Twitter, where we have 13,000+ followers. We post sports tips there on a regular basis.

Those are lays on football or horse racing as well as straight betting tips, but we do venture into other sports. If you are not a Twitter member then don’t worry as you can read all our free tips in the Twitter feed to the right (it shows up below for mobile and some tablet users).

This free service is run by a racehorse owner who was previously a horse racing journalist. He has also been a bookmaker and amateur jockey. He only posts betting tips and lays that he bets on himself. We sometimes tweet screenshots of his winnings to prove that point. That matters because 99.9% of tipsters are charlatans.

The worst of them do it to earn money from subscribers via their websites or telephone services and the others are wage-earning newspaper or television sports journalists. None of them can ply their trade without charging a fee, because their advice loses money. Most of those pundits don’t bet their own tips.

We do not have a subscription service at – all our tips are free and posted publicly on Twitter. Our tipster gets his own money on first and then publishes his bets. So it makes no difference to him if other people know what he is backing or laying.

Anybody can select over-bet favourites, but you will not make money backing bad-value selections. Those are the ones we may choose to lay. Laying is when you bet on a selection to lose and we do that solely with the world’s biggest betting exchange, Betfair. In terms of betting exchanges, nowhere else comes close. We do have some thoughts about staking plans for our lay bets.

When backing to win, we search for genuine each-way value. If we recommend a short-priced betting tip then it is because it represents outstanding value and is still overpriced. If we can’t find the value then we do not bet. The only way to make consistent profits is to be selective. Please read that sentence again because it is the most important rule if you are to profit from sports betting.

You can follow the selections on our Twitter feed and we also have a facebook page and if you ever have a query then please tweet us.

To learn how to use a betting exchange to lay (ie: oppose) selections, read these resources: